Don’t you hate it when technology fools you?

I signed up for Braves only games on Gameday Audio on for $12.

So today I go to listen to the game, and it asks me to log in, and then it dumps me to “new subscribers click here, RealAudio Superpass users click here”.

So I call the 866 number and sit on hold for like 20 minutes. Then I look real close, and I notice that whatever cookie the RealPlayer is using has the wrong email address. “lectr” instead of “lerctr”. Damn font being used – microminiature. So I put in the right email address and it is working fine.

But it’s now 4-0 Expos.

I hate this week…

This is the week when Europe “springs forward” and we haven’t yet. That means that my German colleagues are 10 hours ahead, and my UK colleague is 9. And I set my alarm for 0500 (yuck).

I remember when it used to be almost an entire month, when the USA went forward at the last weekend in April rather than the first.

At least the “fall back” weekend is the same weekend all around the world.

Cheri thinks it’s a great conspiracy to screw with her sleep. And she always points out that “you do not get an extra hour of daylight! It’s not some cosmic shift in the Earth’s axis!” (the movie The Core not withstanding – Ed.)

A relaxing (?) weekend…

So. Saturday we went down the hill for shopping and to see What A Girl Wants, which sneaked last night. Why would we see a movie geared towards girl tweenies and teens? Because Cheri has a crush on Colin Firth, the male lead.

The movie was very predictable, but will probably draw a large crowd of its target audience, plus many women above that who have crushes on Mr Firth (such as Cheri). If you’ve seen the BBC/A&E 1995 production of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, you know why. This movie, though, is definitely not worth a repeat visit IMHO, even if you are a Fan of Colin.

Shopping…we bought a 26″ rolling suitcase, some walking shoes for me, and wound up buying a bunch of closeout Pergo with tile look at about 65% off the normal price. We’re going to use it for the downstairs bathroom, which does not get much use, and won’t have a problem with moisture (Pergo and similar laminate products are not generally not recommended for bathroom use, especially with kids who tend to splash a lot). And some nails for the neighbors across the street (mother and daughter, mรจre doesn’t drive, fille gets her d/l in about 3 weeks). Plus the usual Costco and TJ (Trader Joe’s) runs.

Today – a day of resting.

And at 17:16 30 March 2003 (PST), the 2003 MLB season began!

Some things don’t change, even across cultures…

OK. Ever since the war started, we’re all familiar with that stock shot of Baghdad from the rooftop of one of the MoI buildings, staring across the boulevard (with median), and that two-story building in the foreground. (I find the traffic patterns, buses, traffic light signals and more fascinating.)

As Cheri and I kept seeing this, we began to wonder what that building was. So we started watching the activity. We jokingly started referring to it as a bank, because – heck – it looks like a typical California bank building. We then started saying things like “hey, that guy must be going to the ATM (Cashpoint)”, “those signs on top must be advertising free checking with direct deposit”, “Saddam Savings & Loan Pays Higher Interest”, etc.

So the other night, while I’m trying to la-la-la out Aaron Brown’s stupid words, he says “You know, I know a lot of you have been wondering about that building across the street. Well, we checked into it. It’s a bank. Not an important government facility. Just a bank.”

Damn, I’m tempted to open an account after the fighting stops. I’ll bet they will have good interest rates.

Friday Five…

Coffee’s a-brewin’, and I noticed that jumbach said he thought today’s Friday Five were lame. I checked them out, and I can see why he thought they were lame.

I, on the other hand, seize it as an opportunity to answer them in a light probably not thought of! So, here goes…

1. What was your most memorable moment from the last week?
Determining the conflicts with the CDD 3rd-party product and writing a zap.

2. What one person touched your life this week?
My wife. She always does. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. How have you helped someone this week?
Yes. I helped *VK, my co-worker in Deutschland customer support, with helping him understand what was going on with CDD.

4. What one thing do you need to get done by this time next week?
Cleaning out the litter box at least 3 times over the week. And taking the recyclables to the garage and not leaving them on the kitchen counter.

5. What one thing will you do over the next seven days to make your world a better place?
The first answer to #4 probably applies here, too, but I’ll say that I will be praying for a swift end to the current hostilities, and that our leaders realize how America is perceived by most of the world community. Yeah, this sounds like Clinton’s “rule-by-poll” mentality, but there’s a difference. I hate almost all marketing-speak, but “perception is reality” does ring true in this case. Working for a European company can give you a different perspective.

OK, so #5 is sort of in the vein. Call me a sap, why don’t you.

Coffee’s ready! I usually drink a mix of Trader Joe’s Bay Blend and Jose’s Vanilla Nut from Costco (but the Las Vegas store didn’t have it, sniff…I wonder if it’s an L.A. regional item.)


It can get boring during that time between turning over a release to QE and the start of the next release.

I finished one zap today – well yesterday, but the zap generation program only generated the documentation header and not the actual zap text. Oops.

Then, I did a bit more work on my Worst Problem Ever, as it seems that this other customer is experiencing the error code in a different place (a client program running in anther partition rather than in the NPR partition). So even though *VK, *SU and myself have tons of experience from debugging the instance at My Favorite Customer-Not!, this one could be even more difficult to debug. We will probably have to create 2 dumps, and browse a lot of storage trying to find the right control block which has been (maybe) overwritten.

I found that I’d screwed up some info in a zap control record, so it was trying to apply the zap to OS/390 (and to CMS, and to BS2000/OSD) – which was wrong, because it was a VSE-only zap. Oops. Got that fixed.

Another problem that had been reported by MFC-N! which had disappeared by the time I tried to get additional information, has not reoccurred. I still think that there was something wrong with this particular VTOC entry to begin with, not my doing. Oh, well, when I least expect it, the problem will occur again.

Now on to other things…

I’m doing something that part of me says I shouldn’t do, but part of me does.

There’s a black cat (probably feral, but I think it has had some human exposure), definitely part Persian with beautiful copper eyes, that’s been hanging around. I think its (haven’t been able to tell if it’s male or female, but I suspect male) den is under our deck. Cheri and I have both started feeling a little bad about it, so I’d been putting out some treats for it, and she would gobble them up – when we’re not around, of course.

I put out a bowl of water earlier this week…and she’s been drinking.

One day I put out remnants of a can of cat food that Babushka & Truffles turned their noses up at. It was gone within a couple of hours.

So Tuesday I put out a bowl of dry food for it. For half an hour, it came up onto the deck, ate all the food, and drank a lot of water. Wednesday, it ate part of the dry food, and this morning it ate the rest. (I’ve been bringing the food in overnight because we live in coyote country.)

The worst thing – even though my wife says we can’t get attached to it, she’s calling it Cindy, after a children’s book and the fact that she had a black cat with white paws named Cindy (like in the book) when she was a kid. (It turned out to be a male kitty, but what the heck. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’m hoping that it will get used to us a little bit. (Yes, I’m aware of the disease factor, and I certainly don’t want anything to infect our kitties. If I ever touch it, I’m hitting the anti-bacterial soap ASAP.)