Funny line of the day, and yes it’s childish…

Yeah, it’s been 18 days since I last made an entry.

Anyway, I’m doing an online survey at Greenfield, and it presents this statement:

Now we are going to discuss some of the things involved when shopping for your tool.

So I’m 12. Excuse me.

I’ll update later – but here’s a bit of good news – we have signed a contract to purchase a FLEX-ES system, which is an IBM z/Architecture emulation box. I am going to add systems programmer back to my skill set!

€1 ≈ $0.81
£1 ≈ $0.54

Rather windy today here in Sacramento, and cool. The sunny weather lies about the temperature.

So here I am bashing myself in the head trying to figure out how to use the DOM/XML model in Windows to produce something I can walk through that tells me what’s in an XML file. One would think it would be straight forward. But no.

The catch is that I have to do this in C++. One of my cow-orkers wrote some code in C# that works great. I suppose I could just steal his C# code and build a C# subroutine to bring back the XML data. Can one do this? Either I’m using the wrong keywords to search MSDN, or I’m stupid, or MSDN just doesn’t have the info. Trying to figure out IXMLDOMDocument and its ilk has been driving me nuts today. At least I wouldn’t have to port this chunk of code back to IBM z/OS. And, let’s be honest – the DOM model is overkill, because it’s read-only access. Heck, I should probably just write my own C++ parsing routine. Or C, for that matter.

Truffles is absolutely back to his ornery self.

Enough Windows for now. I’m going to call some of the happy FLEX-ES customers to get some ideas on how they are using their systems.