Even cats have emergencies

So we’re watching Find! on the TiFaux. Truffles is over by the slider, sleeping. Bluebelle is lying on a rug, sleeping. Just another lazy Saturday.

Cheri says “What’s in her mouth?” I go over and look; it’s the flying end of the Galkie Kitty Tease. She had dragged it over much earlier, but had been sleeping. 10 minues earlier I’d seen it by her, string and fly lying there. So I reach down and grab the fly. And it’s loose. I look at the tease wand, and there’s about 3 inches of string. And about 3 inches attached to the fly. I look for the other 30 inches. It isn’t lying around, which means just one thing…

It’s in Bluebelle. Uh oh.

I get on the phone to Atlantic St. Veterinary Hospital/Pet Emergency Center – our vet. Come on in. So we do.

After the prefunctory exam (she seems fine, although she’s gained 5 pounds since we got her (actually, she’s at 5.46kg, up from about 3.18kg – the vet weighs in kg)) the vet looks in her mouth and sees the string wrapped under her tongue. So off she goes to the back, and a couple of minutes later she has about a 15″ length of string. Which means that there’s still about 15″ inside. But the string is rather chewed on, so the vet thinks that it will break up easily and she’ll be passing bits of string for the next few days. And as I am the official litter box cleaner, guess what I get to look for.

Anyway, $85 later, she’s back at home, and eating, and chasing the others. We are watching her closely, and if she starts vomiting and/or stops eating, back to the vet.

Has it been 10 years…

since I first accessed the Internet via Lynx on a DEC VAX? And had my first e-mail account (samrm@sagus.com) and second (bd068@freenet.uchsc.edu)?

I’m not quite sure when, but I think sometime in mid-1994 I first accessed this wonderful world of the Internet. E-mail was a great tool; as a support rep, it cut down on the phone tag.

Even more amazing; I’ve had the same e-mail address since late 1995.

Skewering reality-show fame whores…

Yay! Joe Schmo 2! And now that I got TiFaux, I’ll be able to watch it whenever.

The sad thing is…that this show is too good for Spike TV.

Some bad news from the reality TV front…The Emmy™-award-winning The Amazing Race 5 may be pushed back until September (it was supposed to start 6 July, with a finish in sweeps). CBS cost savings – one less hour to fill in the fall schedule.

Edited to fix the series number for TAR.

New computer blues

Suffice it to say that I’ve been having problems (rebuild Windows, get a new disk drive…)

Anyway, I will start posting again, but I just had to post this quote from a CNN story on Song’s (Delta’s attempt at bare-bones flying) plan to give away 5000 free tickets to nice passengers:

Some analysts, however, are skeptical of Song’s plan.

Ray Neidl, an airline analyst with Blaylock & Partners in New York, said he doesn’t believe the promotion will generate much new business for Song or Delta.

“Next thing you know, they’ll be paying you to fly,” Neidl said. “I just hope there are not that many people that are nice. Yields are bad enough already.”

No wonder our business climate is f’d. With attitudes like this, combined with “how much has your stock gone up in the past 5 days – oops, none, your company sucks” investment strategies…

Back from Sin City

and whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Pretty good weekend; I came back even (thanks to some excellent luck on Let It Ride), but Cheri was down 2 bills. F-i-l and both b-i-l came along, too. Stayed at Paris as usual, and got the upgrade to the petite suite. I’d forgotten how much I like Lenôtre. We also redeemed some comp points.

One issue; we had no time to ourselves, except for the trip to the outlet mall so Cheri could buy some shoes. She’s difficult to fit – she’s usually a 10 wide. But she discovered that Hush Puppies has extra-wide widths, and picked up a 9XW! (Single digits; she’s v. happy.) I want to go back later this year and spend a long weekend there. I didn’t even get to the DTC to pick up CAT timetables. That’s how busy we were.

Alas, the monorail wasn’t opened yet; but test trains are running. From what I’ve seen of the fare structure, I think it’s going to be a bit pricey; I mean, Vega$ lives to gouge (c.f. $9+ for 24 Tylenol, but when your spouse HAS A HEADACHE AND NEEDS SOMETHING NOW, one lives with it.

Had an interesting talk with elder b-i-l. He’s looking to get into real estate – buying small 4-plexes or less, and asked if we were interested. We have a few bux to play with, so maybe. I’m going to send him the local rental and classifieds this weekend, and maybe we’ll hear more.

Also, f-i-l has been approached about buying a competitor, so to speak – a guy up in Portland in the same business is going to retire, and would like to sell him the business. He likes the f-i-l, and wants to see good for his customers. Cheri and I discussed loaning him some money for a down payment. One problem – he has not been a good businessman in the past, so there’s definitely some risk. Elder b-i-l is also a bit leery.

Came back to find that evidence that the Flex box is on its way (a phone message). So I guess it’s actually happening. I gotta get into planning mode.

The cats missed us, especially Bluebelle – this was our first time away since we adopted her. Speaking of adopted. the local SPCA likes to hear how their former charges are doing. Cheri wrote up a really cute (IMHO, anyway) item; I’ll try to quote it in here. We’re sending the same pic that I’ve got up now (where she’s looking up, slightly to the left).

Oops, it’s lunch time. gotta go eat – but a lot less (I feel pretty fat).

I’m so dizzy…

I hope things aren’t catching. I’m kind of light headed now, with a bit of a headache. I snarfed 2 Tylenol a bit ago, but I feel like lying down and resting.

I hope I’m not getting sick. We’re off to Vegas in the early afternoon tomorrow, for 4 days.

Hard to get motivated today.

I love TiFaux. I was able to get (most) of The Tonight Show last night. But the strangest fact to come out of the show was that the last show is going to be released on DVD on Tuesday. WTF? Sheesh. At least wait until the season 10 DVD comes out. (We’ve got 3 and 6; time to start parcelling out $$ for the other seasons.)

The last Friends episode I thought was pretty good – tons better than Seinfeld‘s last one. It fit in with the tempo of the series.

One of my favorite lines of all time: “So just how many cameras were on you?”

Now if I can find my box of Überweiß detergent…

Speaking of Ueberweiss, I got into der Deutschsprachkurs at Sierra College – so I’ll know what I’ll be doing 2 nights a week this fall.

I think I’m gonna head home and nap.

Have a good weekend, y’all, back again on Tuesday PM!