Hello? Why does it take almost 2 hours to back up a 160GB RAID disk partition to a 160/320 SDLT? I’m going to have to rethink backup schemes for the new box. I went into work twice last night to type commands/switch tapes. The last time, I used the wonders of typeahead. At least we solved the mystery of the VSE/ESA TCP/IP – the Cornerstone guy bound the VSE/ESA instance to the wrong port. Grrrrr…I’m disappointed with our support so far.

I did call our sales guy and had a talk with him. Turns out he’s at his house in far western New Mexico, outside Gallup. He lives in an Earthship, and has a web site talking about it. Allen and I go back to when I worked for Platinum/Altai in Arlington, TX – he was a sales guy for them selling the late, lamented ZELDA package (so late I don’t remember what it was).

Another meme, this time the clique one

That was a week.

So the FLEX system is in. It didn’t go swimmingly, but we are just about there.  The only nagging thing is that VSE/ESA TCP/IP doesn’t work.  At least we have a product key now – albeit temporary.

But now, LL wants me to fully back it up (OK), break it and restore fully.  I can understand that, but I wish he’d told me that before I started allowing testing on it today.  Which is going well.  Well, I probably should back it via z/OS means as well, too.  So I’ll shut it down in a bit and do full blown backups.

Welcome cahwyguy!  He and I go back to misc.transport.road days, although I don’t post there so much anymore – or read it, either.  Like most of the Big 8 unmoderated Usenet groups, it’s degenerated into polarization chatter.

Uneventful weekend.  We did go see Stepford Wives this weekend.  Cute, interesting take on the story.  I also started Where the Truth Lies by Rupert Holmes.  It’s his first book (but he’s accomplished in many other areas), but it’s excellent. 

And on Saturday I got my «BS2000/OSD Technische Beschreibunger»!  It took 5 days to travel from an APO near Frankfurt to little ol’ me.  And it weighed about 6.5 pounds, so probably just 3 kilos, which would have cost about 40€.  I haven’t opened them yet, but I’ll probably start looking at them this week.

Weird coincidence.

Today, I was griping with the fellow from Cornerstone, the IBM Authorized Reseller of our FLEX-ES system, that IBM had not released the latest version of Personal Communications (5.7) to the Partnerworld/developerWorks download area.  (As an Enterprise level member, we get a free license for it).  It’s been out for several months.

Tonight, I got an e-mail with updates to the developerWorks catalog.  And 5.7 is now available.

Thanks, IBM!

The FLEX-ES box arrives today!

Yay!  (And coincidentally, Semagic picked the 40 years of MF technology icon…)  Things are going to be hectic for the next week-and-a-half.

Our little deutscher Klub got together last night…we watched Das Schreckliche Mädchen (called The Nasty Girl, which is not the best translation of schreckliche, but, hey, you gotta get those snazzy titles to attract paying customers).  Very interesting film.  It’s about a young girl who starts researching her fictional bayerische (Bavarian) town’s history during the Nazi era, and starts digging up some not-so-nice info on respected citizens (newspaper editor, vicar of the local Catholic church).  Lena Stolze was excellent in the lead role.  I won’t give away the ending.  The German teacher said that there are still many small villages where the truth about certain people has not been revealed, and may never.

Things are strange this morning.  Since the guy from our vendor is here the rest of this week, I’ll be working slightly later hours.  So when I should be getting ready, I’m still at the computer.  I’ll start getting ready about 7-ish.

A friend of mine, a cop from West Orange, NJ, just IM’d me from Tel-Aviv.  He’s there for a counter-terrorism training convention.  Unfortunately, I consider Israel an well-chosen locale for this subject.

I might be quiet (and that’s different how?) the next few days.