Well, that’s done

I just re-IPL’d the system to increase the spool space, and all went well (just one minor irritation). 

The bathroom is progressing.  Today we’re going to lay out the tile and figure out what needs to be cut.  Then I get to cut.  *g*

Cheri’s mom is visiting at the end of August or thereabouts.  I hope it doesn’t conflict with Labor Day, as the Rib Cook-Off is that weekend.  I need to ask Cheri if she wants to go.  I can pick up some spices from North Main BBQ of Euless, TX, as well as Texas Brothers.

We need some rain.  Bad.  The monsoon is staying to the east.  I can see those welcoming thunderheads over the Sierras, and I wish they would make their way down here.

Not much to talk about today, I guess.  And it’s lunchtime.  So home I go.

Another meme, a nice one…

Stolen from drbear:

If you have 1-5 people on your friends list, say something nice about the 3rd person.
If you have 6-20 people on your friends list, say something nice about the 11th person.
If you have 21-75 people on your friends list, say something nice about the 21st person.
If you have 75+ people on your friends list, say something nice about the 50th person.

Wow.  talonvaki.

Coco is a wonderful human being – kind and thoughtful and caring.  She’s going through a rough patch right now, but she sails a steady ship and she’s gonna come out just fine.  I’d like to meet her in person someday.

Holy crap, Batman, I’m working today!

It’s been a busy, busy day.  Surprise #1 – our head developer from back east is out.  I’d totally forgotten.  Surprise #2 – one of our other developers managed to fill up the job queue – so my project to increase job queues moved from a low priority to do later to something that needs to be done now.  And I’m going to have to miss out on our Deutschklub tonight because I have to continue working on the bathroom remodel.  Oh well…

Something I totally forgot to mention; on Sunday evening Cheri and I watched one of Colin Firth’s hidden efforts: Hope Springs.  And there’s a good reason it’s hidden.  It’s just not good.  There’s a reason it played in only a couple of cities – and Los Angeles was not one of them.  For those Colin Firth, Heather Graham or Minnie Driver  fans out there, I’d wait for it to come out on cable, or rent the DVD when it’s 99 cent day.  Oh, well, I hope they all got a good paycheck out of it…

Oh, well, back to work, and what I was originally trying to do, which was….er, um…

I think I’m turning Japanese…

And I know I stole that from someone else’s journal (sorry)…but it’s cute…

My japanese name is 森田 Morita (forest field) 一真 Kazuma (one reality).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

This reminds me of Lost in Translation, the opening scene (not the one where the camera gazes longingly down Scarlett Johannsen’s legs – but, anyway, a requisite “yum” is required) where Bill Murray is in the limo driving into the city, looking around.  This reminds me of how I am the first time I am in a foreign city; I just look all around and absorb.

Strange things at the work 20 this morning (to drag an old CB radio term out of the depths).  LW comes in and asks me about the coffee, saying she’s gonna make regular.  Turns out there is a meeting of some sort this morning with outside people.  So I spent a few minutes cleaning things up.  L says the first she heard of the meeting was this morning.  Since MAL is involved, I’m guessing it’s a sales sort of thing.  But one never knows these days…

Oh, man, every muscle hurts…

So this weekend we decided to get off our duffs and get the bathroom remodel project going again.  Earlier in the week, I bought another piece of Wonderboard┬«, since our perfect estimate of 5 feet by 6 feet came up a little short (the pieces are 3 feet by 5 feet).  And I’d botched the hole for the toilet; I measured twice, yet somehow turned a 4″ diameter into a 4″ radius.  Oops.

Friday evening I cut the remaining pieces of backer, Saturday morning I cut the crown moulding using our new toy, the Magic Mitre.  (A UK site for the link was chosen because the product is from Sheffield, England’s steel centre.)  In the afternoon Cheri laid down the mortar and I placed the pieces in place.  On Sunday we painted the coving (that’s the British term for crown moulding), wainscotting, chair rail and baseboard.  By this afternoon, it will be 48 hours after the laying of the backer board and Cheri will fill in the joints and tape off.  Another 48 hours and I’ll be able to install the crown moulding.  I’m going to try manual nailing first.  We’ll see how that goes.  Laying of the tile will probably wait for the upcoming weekend, and I suspect we’ll be done by the next weekend.

There’s some construction work going on out in the courtyard.  I hpe it’s not too noisy, although the deep idling of the compresser is starting to bother me.

Well, off to work…