The latest sign the Apocalypse is upon us…

to steal from Sports Illustrated…is this.

It’s a service that will allow businesses to spoof caller-ids using known hacks.  The Conventional Wisdom is that bill collectors and unscrupulous telemarketers will take advantage of the service.

Supposedly you will enter the phone number you are calling, the spoof, and your phone number, and in a few seconds this outfit’s computers will ring your phone, you pick up, then they ring the victim’s phone.

Interesting dilemma here.  Who has the right of privacy, the caller or the callee?

A bit more

One thing about the whole possible job change is that I will be definitely leaving them in the lurch, as no one here can do the systems programming on the new FLEX system.  But they would never match the pay, and there’s the recent uncertainty.

I’ve thought about offering my services for free for several months.

Truffles cost me $250 today…

but I spent it willing because I love him.

He has conjunctivis in one eye. And we’ll have to put ointment around his eye (the vet assistant says best on lower eyelid so when he closes it it will spread).

The cost? Weekend visit, tranquilizing him and a part day hospitalization. He’s just not cooperative in the vet’s office.

Why I’ve been so quiet…

Well, I have been busy. The m-i-l flew up this morning (and boy are her arms tired! Thank you, I’ll be here all week – try the veal!), so we were getting things ready. Plus at work I’ve been busy.

One other thing…I have been looking for another position, although not that actively. About 3 weeks ago, my headhunter contacted me and let me know that a systems-level software developer with an office in Roseville had an opening. I said why not – never say no. After a couple of phone interviews, I found out late yesterday that I’m going to be extended an offer. This position has some pluses:

  • 31% pay increase
  • 2000 options
  • Ability to telecommute or work out of the Roseville office

Wow. The 31% pay increase would put me over 6 digits. One problem – only 2 weeks vacation for starters, but on that salary I could afford to take an unpaid week if I wanted.

But a week and a half ago, I found out that another systems software company had an opening. I sent my résumé, and I got almost an instant response. I had one interview, which went well. Well enough that I’m driving down to Sunnyvale (near San Jose) for an interview on Wednesday. One problem – it probably would not be telecommuting right away, but maybe in 6 months (which is fine, maybe). However, the pay will probably be better and they might help on apartment costs for 6 months, and I think I would like the work better than job #1.

I haven’t told anyone until now (with the exception of one of you, and some non-LJ acquaintances).

There’s also been a lot of closed-door activity at work this week. The president has been out a lot this month, and one of my co-workers told me that the rumors are that his heart really isn’t in running the company any more. We released our European affiliate a week ago from their contract. The same co-worker also told me that the company has almost been sold a couple of times in the past, but things have fallen through, and he thinks that the company is on the market. And at one point last week, all 4 family members (dad + 3 brothers) all wound up in NYC. So maybe the timing is good.

I’ve also thought of writing the new CTO of my old employer to let him know that I am available to work part-time on my old product…thoughts? (He knows me.)

And a self-pat on the back: my headhunter talked with one of the big wigs at my last employer, who I did not work for. He said that he’d never heard anything bad about me, and all he heard was that I did quality work. So that at least brought a smile to my face. I’m not mad at the development management at my last company – it’s the beancounters.

Comment away, please…

He had a voice…

BBC Radio 2 is playing Frank Sinatra’s cover of Send In The Clowns as part of the user-provided oldies request list that plays at 1505 (today’s is from a fellow in Cumbria).  I’d forgotten Frankie had done it (when I think of the song I remember a female’s cover – Judy Collins, maybe?).  I’m reminded of what a great voice he had.  You think of his bold, brash tunes like My Way and New York, New York, but his style on this slow song is just incredible.

Today’s is a good list – Carole King (missed that), Simon & Garfunkel (Bridge over Troubled Water), Frank, and now George Benson (On Broadway).  And lots of people are sending in e-mails complimenting the choices.

But it just went south with Woman in Love with Barbra and the Bee Gees.  Oh well, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.