My eyes are glazing over…

Maybe it’s because I’m 42. Or maybe it’s because my sleep cycle’s fscked.

I just can’t get the hang of reading manuals on a computer.

I finished an entire book on IBM’s BookMangler web site (Introduction to DB2 V7). I was surprised at what I already knew from my dealings with PostgreSQL on *n*x. So I feel a bit better. But now I’m going to read the DB2 V8 Admin Guide, in PDF format. I am really not looking forward to it.

Today’s the long day. I leave Sunnyvale at 3PM. Depending on what time I get there, I’ll either go straight to Rocklin (Sierra College) or stop at home first. I’m hoping I can stop at home first. I miss Cheri.

I did read my German textbook last night, covering what I think Frau D. covered the day before. I wrote out quite a few of the exercises. I do need to write out the vocabulary…those damn genders are screwing me up again.

Everybody says that the 4-a-week in the Bay Area will pass before I know it. I’m not so sure anymore. I’m really screwed up. Maybe next week I’ll actually start doing some work on the mainframe.

(Oh, rialtus – it is MS04-028 they are rolling out, not -024. My bad. But the Windoze IT folks are still idjits.)

I feel the earth move etc.

For all of those who care…

I did feel the quake. Actually, my cube neighbor said, “Are we having a quake?” He felt the first S waves. I looked up at the lights, they weren’t moving, but then the building creaked and the lights started swinging, pretty well.

My locating instincts did well though – I had it pegged as at least a 5.8 about 150 miles away. And I was right…


I’m in Sunnyvale. And learning. I think this is a good career change for me. Although I am being reminded of the bureaucratic fun in a large company.

Any suggestions on a quick route from Sacto to the South Bay on a Sunday evening? One that doesn’t involve a 50 minute travel time on 80 between 505 and 680?

Next weekend I’ll probably try the 5-205-580-680-262-880-237-G6-82 trip.

Tonight I meet up with my buddy who works for VTA.

Also, any Bay Area folks that want to get together – let me know. I’ve got several months of 4-day weeks down here.

My ox is broken!

OK, I just wanted to write that.

So, with the unexpected week off, I’m actually doing some productive stuff around the house. We bought a closet from Easy Closets, and we would be installing it if one of the 8 boxes hadn’t gone AWOL. Oops. I think it got loaded on the wrong truck last night. No biggie.

One question…my buddy, who’s hosted my e-mail address since late 1995, tells me he is probably going to have to abandon his hosting. I’m looking for IMAP e-mail hosting at a reasonable price…any ideas? It does not necessarily have to be part of a web hosting package.

The flu bug thing appears to be finally passing on…although Cheri now has it. But, as usual, she’s not affected by it quite as much.

Other than that…2 more German classes, then take the W.

I’m looking forward to next week and getting started…