Gee, it’s good to be back home again…

Well, back again…this time, though I’m staying for 4 nights, driving down Monday AM. (Yuck.)

Not too much to report – it is a little frustrating today, though, because a couple of the people I need to talk to are taking today off.

After 5 weeks at the new job – I’m glad I took it. The development is right up my alley – and today I tested my first actual development of code – a “monitor” – and it apepars to work! I can’t get into DB2 using DB2 Connect properly, though (permissions?) but the task generated by the abortive authentication attempt does show up. Sehr gut!

Speaking of German – I did really well on last week’s midterm. Wow. I’m truly shocked. I need to start putting in more studying time, though. I’m finding that I am forgetting things here and there. We just started on the present perfect (ge- stuff) and that involves a lot of rote memorization because some verbs are irregular, in some cases you don’t put the ge- in front, etc.

Well, I’ll just continue to wait for my cow-orker to call me back. And catch up on LJ.

Idle thought

As Chris “Call Me, Trista, I still love you!” Harrison narrates over the previouslys…calling this series’ tool “one of America’s most eligible bachelors”…I am driven to think (or drink)…

My word, if he’s one of the most eligible, then we’re down to the bacteria feeding on the primordial ooze at the bottom of the well. Good luck, ladies. :-/