Well, I’d better update this thing

214.5 lbs/97kg (pizza the past 2 days, but came back from Reno weight neutral, surprisingly)
$1 ≈ €0.75 ≈ £0.52 ≈ CHF1.16

So, this weekend we were in Reno.  Comp rooms at the Reno Hilton.  And jumbach, this is a slow period for the casinos, so it’s not surprising that we got free rooms.  The offer was valid pretty much for the entire month of March (excepting Holy Week) and most of April.

Because of the comp…Cheri and I had dinner at the traditional steak house in the casino.  $80 for the steaks, but surprisingly only a buck for the sparkling water and the coffee, and $5 for the dessert.  And 15% off for seating before 5:30pm.  *g*

Saturday we went to the Nugget; I met jumbach there, ’cause he had some stuff for me.  At one point we went to the bar and had some soft drinks (I was driving).  We threw a couple of bucks in a quarter video poker machine at the bar.  It was a basic game; no wild cards, no bonuses, just straight 5 card draw.  I gave jumbach some strategy tips.  After the $2 ran out (with about $5 in plays), I threw my own 20 in, playing a quarter at a time.  A few plays in, I got an A ♥ – K ♥ – crap – J ♥ – crap.  Now the right play is to discard 3 of the cards; the 3 to the flush or straight (or royal) is a crap bet.  And keeping the 3 high cards is works than keeping 2 of the 3.  I explain this all to jumbach.  Then I say, “But what the heck, I’ll give it a shot, even though the royal will never come up.”  So I keep the A-K-J.  And what comes up?  10 ♥ – Q ♥.  $62.50 on a 25-cent bet.  That was enough for me; I closed out.  (Yeah, if I’d been playing $1.25 I would have won $1000.  But I never play the max.)

I also played the new slots with the Monty Python and the Holy Grail theme.  Yes, it’s all here.  Ni.  “I Am Arthur, King of the Britons. You have proved yourself a worthy adversary.”  Brave Sir Robin.  Black Knight.  Holy Hand Grenade.  Trojan Rabbit.  French Knights hurling insults.  I won $60 on that (thanks to a Black Knight Bonus).

Cheri?  Rocked.  Up over $400 playing craps.  She’s wickedly awesome with the bones. 

I also played the new Four-Card-Poker™; not bad.  Even after an hour, never up a lot, never down a lot.  Didn’t play Three-Card-Poker™ or Let It Ride™.  (Cheri did, and came out a bit ahead.)

Total – we were up $300 for the short weekend (blame tight slots for that one).

And we picked up some dishes that Cheri won on eBay.  Royal Doulton Valencia, our formal china pattern.  Long out of production.  $450 for 12 place settings, including small and large bowls and some really good serving pieces, including a covered casserole.  To get just the 24 bowls and the serving pieces would have cost us almost $1000 at Replacements.  The part of town where we picked up the stuff was Galena Creek, a few miles up the Mt. Rose Hwy (NV-341).  Just above the snow (4 feet still on the ground!) and timber line.  It reminded us of Big Bear.  And it got us reminiscing.  However, even though Reno has a lot of stuff (including Trader Joe’s!), we’re happy where we’re at.

Weather?  Getting nice,  80° later this week.  I’ve turned the thermostat from “heat” to “cool” (not that the heat hasn’t come on in the past month).

Had a German test on Monday.  I think I did well.  I’ve got a C++ test later this week, too.  And I’m finally gonna break out TurboTax tomorrow.

Off to the mountains

and beyond, with 2 comp nights at the Reno Hilton!

Thank Cheri and her love of the dice for this one.  Other birds that I’ll be killing include meeting up with jumbach (who’s up there right now), picking up some eBay winnings (Royal Doulton “Valencia” china for such a deal), and stopping at Bavarian World to pick up some bread for my German teacher.  (Ja, ja, es ist kein Apfel, aber sie preferiert Brot und Brötchen.  Und ich nehme ein paar Deutscherdingen.)  But, alas, I’ll be busy with studying for my test on Monday, and writing up stuff for my OOP in C++ class, and working on some of my Great Software Idea design documents (btw, I have registered catherdersoftware.com and catherdersoftware.us, but there isn’t that much there).  No good chance to ride Citifare. 

Actually, my interest in transit has waned over the past couple of years.  I still want to ride LACMTA’s Gold Line.  But when I spent all that time in Sunnyvale, the only transit I rode was Caltrain.  Never got a chance to ride VTA’s new cars.  I haven’t ridden Sac RT’s new extension, or any Roseville Transit bus (although this summer I might when the weather improves and I get the bike out of the garage).

The cold is on the downhill slide.  The only thing I’ve been using to treat it is guaifenisin, mostly because my lungs have been the target of congestion.

BTW, does anyone know of free wireless in the Reno/Sparks area?

And I’m going to start tracking a few things again…so, making its first appearance in over a year, and with some new features…

213.5 (down 13.5 from my recent high at Christmas)
$1 = €0.75 = £0.52 = 1.17CHF

Onwards towards work…