A Quikee (™ jumbach)…

While I’m on a security software update triggered by a Zone Alarm upgrade…

First, happy birthday tirwen!

Second…while running AdAware on Cheri’s PC, it identified those ubiquitous “Try AOL free” links that seem to always get installed from one place or another as "browser hijacks".  Hee, hee.

Aughhhhhh…back in Sunnyvale again…

210 lbs/94.5kg (wow!)
(it’s in the evening, no posting of currency exchange rates)

So I’m down here for 3 days, heading back Thursday afternoon. One of our Houston developers is out this week to talk with us developers and try to merge our two product lines (originating with two separate companies).

Habemus papem. Or, wir haben einen Papst. (Yes, Papst, as in blaues Band. Or blue ribbon.) (Thanks, , on correcting my memory.) Even though it’s neat to see another non-Italian Pope, I do have doubts on where this is leading the Catholic Church. (For the record, I’m a latent Episcopalian. *waves hi to jeditigger* ) The Church has some serious issues that have to be addressed over the next few years, and I’m not sure Benedictus XVI will address them; I foresee instead attempts to reign in “wayward” churches such as the USA and Western Europe.

I hate days like this. Get up at 0400, hit the road at 0430, arrive at 0640. It’s gonna be a long day.

Yesterday at German class we took some group photos. I am the second oldest in the class, but I hang out with a bunch of young folks that could be my sons and daughters. I’ll post a link to a LJ gallery later on. (I have to edit the photos and send them to a classmate; we’re making up a flyer to get people interested in a German 3 class over the summer.)

I sent off Cheri’s application for the fall semester in Paris. It’s going to San Francisco; I brought it with me and put it in the mail here in Sunnyvale, so it will arrive tomorrow.

Onwards to editing…


212 lbs/96 kg  (damn pretzel craving, damn Qdoba just opening up the street)
US$1.00 ≈ €0.77 ≈ £0.53 ≈ CHF1.20 ≈ CDN$ 1.25 ≈ MEX$11.13

Second conference call of the morning.  First is the CEO of the company, second is the VP over my group.

The first one was the rah rah after the huge cuts.  Second one now is detailing some of the changes, and now more sales stuff than I care about.  And frankly, what sales stuff is being said…I’m not impressed.  I work on a good product.  But our sales guys don’t inspire me.

And the operating margins being talked about are scary.  In my experience, they’re unattainable in the software industry.  But it’s showing that IMHO a good company is being destroyed to show the institutional investors that we can return ridiculous numbers on their investment.

Our stock has been on a downward slide since January 2001.  The broad markets have recovered, but we haven’t.  Coincidentally, the downward slide originated not too long after the current CEO came on board.

I’m gonna keep an eye on the numbers for the next two quarters, and read between the lines.