Irony, thy name is Microsoft

Outlook: approx $100 (based on bundle costs)

Outlook Junk E-Mail filter updates: free

Mail from MSN Music being caught by Outlook’s most recent Junk E-Mail filter as such and filed appropriately: priceless

To get real data processing done, there are OSes from IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens, Unisys, Groupe Bull, and various *n*xen (and lots of others, not to slight HP, etc.). For everything else, there’s Microsoft.

(This was spam, anyway, because the e-mail claimed I was a valuable MSN member. I’ve never signed up for MSN. It probably crossed over from Passport, based on some privacy notice change that was never published.)

Ya know, I need to fill up disk space.

I’ll admit; I’ve been steering clear of the 5 questions meme, because I can never think of any good ones.  But something that 26376 wrote made me think that I’ll do it bass-ackwards.

Hit me with 5 questions in a comment entry here.  I’ll do my best to respond in a reasonable *cough* time in my journal.

Dell Inspiron 700m?  Cool. I played a widescreen DVD in it last night for a few minutes.  Excellent.

Now I need to install the software for my Dell DJ.

Oh, it may be too late – but if you like classical music, head over to Tarzhay.  In the “Dollar Spot” all the DVD, software and CDs are on clearance for a quarter each.  I picked up 7 CDs.

Filler for my friends’ pages

First – happy birthday to klellingson!

Second…what’s been going on?  Well, we made another great yard sale find.  A Pfaff 1221 sewing machine for $30.  We didn’t plan to resell it on eBay, because – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before – Cheri has started making purses.  When her mother was up in February, helping make curtains, Cheri sort of caught the sewing bug.  She made a purse, and then another, and then another…and then the local JoAnn’s had a liquidation sale because they opened a new supercenter up by the Galleria.  So it was hard to pass up home decorating fabrics for 50-60% off.  Then she discovered a local home decorating fabric store, Triad Plus, where you can get remants at $5/yard.  She made each of our mothers one for Mothers’ Day.  She’s really good at it, and she is going to start selling some soon online.  (I’ve got photos if anyone is interested.)  She’s been using my mother’s Elna, bought in 1970, and used probably only 20 hours total by her.

Anyway, I’m digressing.  Back to the Pfaff.  A quick online perusal of eBay showed that a slightly later model – the 1209, freearm, circa late 1970’s – sells used for $400.  (The 1221 is the flatbed model, and dates from the early-to-mid 1970’s, the 1222 is the freearm model of the 1221.  Pfaff ist das besten N√§hmaschine!)  This ranks up there with the $300 Kitchen Aid mixer we bought back in 1998 for $25. 

My German must be getting better.  3 of my German correspondents have changed their language to me from “siezen” to “duzen” (Spanish equivalent is “usted” to “tu”) in the past week.  In German culture, one lets the elders control when to use “du”.  I’m finding myself more comfortable with writing it, but I still have problems speaking, because I never get a chance to practice. 

Damn, I need coffee.  Guess I’d better go grind some up.

Quick answer to an earlier post

That was the week that was

I said there are two answers.  I did get one of them, that is obvious to this side of the Atlantic – the 1964 NBC show.  However, no one ever mentioned the original BBC series, the one that made David Frost a household name.

If you find yourself in the UK on Friday evenings, however, I must recommend Have I Got News For You.