Warning – downloading and using the following can be addicting

Google has finally released a beta of Google Earth.

I was able to find where Cheri will be taking classes this autumn.

One of the neat ideas I thought of is when Cheri goes on weekend trips, she can tell me where she went and I’ll be able to see.  For example, my mother can now see this view of one of the villages where our ancestors lived.

Loads of fun for the entire family!


I thought this was the best one..

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I got a good review today.  That’s always helpful.

The portable/fan light mentioned in the music section is this fun little thing.  The light is a big white LED that produces this bluish-white light the reminds me of an annular eclipse or sunlight filtered through high overcast.  It also comes with a 4-port USB hub that doesn’t require an external power source (take that, Targus and your Cool Plate with Hub that requires an AC power source!).

Sorry this post isn’t too exciting…

Random stuff…

  • Finally, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on my current task on the current work project. It’s been tough; the way this particular piece of the puzzle was designed frankly sux.
  • If you are driving around Roseville and see on the back of a 1986 Bronco II, honk and and wave. That’s me. After a 14-year absence, this license plate/tag returns to the mean streets of California. I’m also thinking of getting a customized German plate that reads (DA <stickers>ASMPGMR).
  • Summer has arrived, finally, although it seems to be a bit cooler. Don’t worry, come State Fair time it will be over 100°F/40°C.
  • From jmaynard, go see SawStop. Unbelievable. Check out the video. I should buy one of these when I find room in the garage.
  • Been having an interesting e-mail conversation with one of the architects in my company (that’s software design) about the future of the company. Let’s just say that, although strange as it may sound, a buyout by one particular company might be good.
  • I’m 43. And Coldstone Creamery makes a great chocolate ice cream cake covered with ganache.
  • My stepfather-in-law is going to have to have surgery to repair a balloon in his aorta. It will occur probably around July 10th. His recouperation – 2 weeks of sitting around, then another 2 weeks of not lifting anything. Not good timing, during a move. Cheri and I will probably head down there in late July.
  • jumbach, I’m glad you finally found gainful employment.  Sometimes these things come out of left field – just like my current job.
  • Looks like the Braves are finally getting it together.  The NL Right is a strange division this year.
  • If anyone had actually read the proposed EU Constitution, no one in their right mind (except politicians) would support it.  It reads like the Tax Code.
  • Having said that – why do I think the general economic climate over there is in better shape than here?  Especially with the UCLA School of Econ report saying that California’s recovery has been built on the back of the housing market – most of the new jobs are in areas related to home sales and improvement.  When the market cools off, so do the jobs.  Hey, I’m not complaining about the 40% increase in the value of my house in 18 months.  But there’s still something wrong about that, IMHO.  I got the same feeling when I interviewed at Drexel Burnham Lambert in 1985 for a sysprog position on a Prime 50-series computer.

That is all.  You may return to your regularly-scheduled friends list…

Fünf Fragen

As jumbach won’t be reading this for a few days, I decided to answer his 5 questions.  This website might come in handy, though.  😛

  1. Will you accept five questions from smart asses?
    Ja, ich werde fünf Fragen von genauso Klugschließern wie du akzeptieren.
  2. When you were at this stage, did all Cheri’s wedding invitation ideas start to look the same to you after a while?
    Nein.  Wir beide entschieden über unserer Hochzeiteinladungen viel schnell.  Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, brauchte es ein Uhr über zu entscheiden.
  3. What do you think about doing this a couple of times as part of the bachelor party, before proceeding on to whatever you and my raunchy brother have planned?
    Das ist eine gute Idee, aber du wohnst da jetzt in Reno-Umbegung, wir müssen darüber nachdenken.  Du darfst etwas Anderes in Reno finden. Und du nicht ärgerst, bin ich unter scharfe Vorsicht, dass das wird keine schlüpfrige Aktivitäten machen.  Cheri sagt “in unsrer Hause nicht!”
  4. What do you think the odds are that I will ride the new Folsom light rail extension sometime between its October 15 opening and my November 5 wedding?
    Jetzt, viel groß.  es könnte obwohl erfolgen.
  5. Have you ever been to downtown Placerville? We went there Sunday–lots of neat little things.
    Wir gingen zu im Placerville-Zentrum während, das erste mal wir in Roseville wohnten.