Man, I’m going to have to change my list…

of those born in the same year as I that I wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating biscuits in it.

Going to Wikipedia, I missed a whole lot. And confidential to amnewsboy,Vargas will be off the list.

So now we have…

#5 Gina Gershon
#4 Rebecca de Mornay
#3 Kelly Preston
#2 Daphne Zuniga
#1 Marcia Cross

With the rest moving to honorable mention…and we’ll add Samantha Bond and Elizabeth Daily to that list.

Yes, I’m happily married, and even though RenĂ©e Zellweger is available again…

A few of you have done this meme, including dr_bear and I think it started with :

Using imdb or wikipedia for the research… name the five celebrities born in the same year as you that you would fancy er…most like to shag. err… wouldn’t throw out of bed for eating crackers.

Things you learn…of course these is not part of the list, but I never knew Wally Joyner (of the California Angels) was born on the same day as I.

I gotta be honest; 1962 is a pretty dry year..

Honorable mentions:

Ginger Lynn Allen – (just kidding! I don’t think there’s enough penicillin in the world…)
Porsche Lynn – (same as above)
Danielle – (same as above – DYK she’s from Sacramento?)

From the legitimate side of the fence we have:

Hannah Storm
Cynthia Stevenson
Melissa Sue Anderson
Jackie Joyner
Allessandra Mussolini (yes, Il Duce’s granddaughter and active in Italian politics)

Now on to the list:

#5 Jodie Foster – but I’m not going to go kill people to impress her

#4 Ally Sheedy – but she needs to learn about the positive aspects of eating meat

#3 Elizabeth Vargas – I had a crush on her when she worked at KNBC in Los Angeles.

#2 Daphne Zuniga – what was she in where she was riding a motorcycle? I want to say Melrose Place.

#1 Marcia Cross – please wear red lingerĂ© when you come over!