ellipticcurve makes good cookies!

This public service announcement brought to you courtesy of cahwyguy.

Yes, after – what, 6, 7 years of knowing of each other via the Internet – I finally met Daniel. Our original common interests were highways and to a lesser extent transit. We first met via newsgroup misc.transport.road. Other common interests include computers, and not just these toys that we use all the time.

One time, about 5 years ago, he left a hood to his parka at one of the local Big Bear restaurants; I went down and picked it up, and sent it back to him.

We’d tried to meet up before, but things never seemed to work out. Until today. I met him and NSS&F (his daughter). It was a fun couple of hours, just talking about all sorts of stuff.

Now where does the subject reference come into play? He offered me some cookies; at first I declined because I wasn’t that hungry, then I saw them. They looked yummy…and I found a broken one, about 1/3. And I can attest – they are yummy!

Let’s definitely meet up again, cahwyguy!!

Now, as of this writing…I see Cheri in about 19 hours. Yay! I hope I can go to sleep tonight.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving feast #2…

at my parents.

Random thought, as I was looking at this…it must be fun translating titles into other languages. For example, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in German becomes Ferris macht blau – literally “Ferris makes blue”, but in German vernacular it’s “Ferris makes (like he is) sick”. And Bridget Jones’ Diary is Bridget Jones: Schokolade für Frühstück, not “Das Tagesbuch der Bridget Jones” (hey! genitive!).

Cheri comes home in 48 hours. I can hardly wait!

I just had a phone call from Dr. Colley. I had to break the news to her. She was crying. I was crying.

I’m glad I met her in German class last year. It has helped me get through this trying time.

And thanks again for all your kind words.

Only one in this pic remains. I love this picture. This was an extremely rare occurrence, to get all three of them together. It was taken around 1998, IIRC, when we lived in Roseville the first time.

I still miss Babushka – literally the best trained cat I ever had – and she adopted us. She was a real sweetie pie, too. She and Cookies always used to curl up, and mutually groom each other.

When Truffles goes, that’s going to be even worse, for both of us. But hopefully that’s still quite a ways off. He turns 16 on January 3rd, and he’s in really good shape. He acts like a cat 1/4 his age.

But hopefully that day is quite a ways off.

Cookies Mullins – 1 (?) July 1989 – 22 November 2005

I took her in today, about 14:30.

It was time.

Although she was still pretty energetic when she had to be, and she ate, her incontinence problems were becoming too much, even for her.

She was the first cat Cheri and I had after we got married. She moved with us to Atlanta, Denver, Arlington TX, Roseville, Big Bear City and Roseville again. She was a big part of our life.

This was tough. So tough. The vet kept asking me did I want to do it. I was – and am – taking this pretty hard. But it had to be done.

I’m going to L.A. tomorrow for the long weekend, and because Cheri flies back to there on Sunday. It will be a good distraction – visiting family, and awaiting Cheri’s return. It was probably a good thing that Cheri was not here – although it was tough for both of us to be apart. But this would be even tougher on her if she was here. It’s going to be hard – she has her French III final tomorrow, which is also the last day of classes. Then she has a few days to pack, do last minute positive influences to the French GNP, and any touristy things she wants to do.

I’m also trying to distract myself by working around the house, packing, etc. Since I hadn’t originally planned to go to L.A. until Saturday, I haven’t prepared in any way.

Thank you all for your kind words over the past week. This has been really difficult.

I think it’s time…

I thought she was getting better…but I don’t think the steroids are helping. It will be 72 hours this afternoon since I started giving her medicine.

She peed on the bed again overnight – even after I gave her an opportunity to go before I went to bed and she decided not to. (She did take advantage on Saturday night, und alle war gut.)

And suffice it to say she was only somewhat successful in other areas last night.

I even got on the bed this morning and she didn’t come over to me.

I’ve called Dr. Colley and asked her to call back, but I think I know the answer.