Just real quick…

For those of you who celebrate today, I wish you and your families a Happy Christmas!

And another quick note – for once, yesterday, I did something associated with my user name. It was a bit of a surprise, actually.

We spent Friday night in Pasadena. Saturday morning we weren’t leaving until late. I suddenly got the idea – why not ride the Gold Line? I’d never ridden it since its opening in 2003. So I walked to Memorial Park station, bought a day pass, and rode to Union Station and back. It was an interesting ride, about half full. I was going to ride an ARTS bus back from the station, but the Hilton (located on Los Robles) is just a 5 block walk from the Del Mar station. Oh, well, maybe next time…

The last time I’d ridden a light rail vehicle in the USA was back in 1998. So it’s been a while…

Creatures are stirring, so I’ll head downstairs. My eldest niece is getting a new car key in her stocking. It goes to her Xmas gift…

Weekend randomness…

Saw Where The Truth Lies this weekend – it actually made it to Sacramento! I can certainly understand why it would have gotten an NC-17 rating. If it had lots of violence and blood, though, it would have rated only a PG-13. That’s what’s wrong with the current media mind set – crack down on the violence, don’t be so prudish about sex and alcohol (i.e., don’t make them forbidden fruit).

(You might say that by hiding violence it makes it forbidden fruit. I don’t know – the famous driver’s ed course films show the aftereffects of unsafe driving and that never seems to defer many teens from driving like a-holes. So what’s happening in Europe? They have less of a problem with teen pregnancies, bad teen drivers (well, that’s because you have to be 18 and lessons for a driving licence cost about $1000) and alcohol abuse.)

Going to see the movie involved a trip to downtown Sac. It’s the first time I’ve been there (not counting trips to the Crocker Museum and Old Sac) since the early 1990’s. (We never went down there during Roseville I.) The K Street Mall is dead. Dead, I tell you. And any effort by the city to revitalize it will be wasted. And that’s too bad. There’s no incentive to go outside the Downtown Plaza, and the hundreds of millions that will be poured into the black hole that is K Street will be wasted.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock. It was a big deal when it came to town in the late 1990’s. And now I have a home-town T-shirt – I collect the plain white ones from each location we visit. So far I’ve got London, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and now Sacramento. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the next easy-to-obtain locales. (Alas, I will never get a Newport Beach one, as it closed earlier this year.) And I do have a Paris one, thanks to Cheri. (I should have gotten Nottingham in 2002, though.) I like the Hard Rock – very good American food, and you know what you’re getting. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it if you’re overseas and have a hankering for American food. I had the ribs/chicken combo – very good.

Rain, rain, rain! That’s all it did this weekend.

Never go shopping the weekend before Christmas. It’s even worse if you’re looking for a game, and none of the toy stores have it – and then, on a lark, you try the “educational” toy store in the shopping center 1 minute away and they have it.

From the world of talonvaki:
Everything comes in fours

Why did the software developer drive down to Sunnyvale and back today?

For a free meal, silly! Today was our celebration of “release to manufacturing” (what a friggin’ bogus term for software use) of the latest release of our product.

Traffic sucked both ways today. This morning, I left Roseville at 0440, and even with the obligatory Starbucks stop in West Sac and the Costco gas fill-up, it took 2:30 – about 30 minutes longer than usual. Even the traffic reporters mentioned that today seemed really heavy (and yesterday, alas, was incredibly light). The return was worse. Left Cupertino at 1450, arrived in Roseville at 1840. Yep. Sucked. Totally. It took 2 hours to get from Cupertino to the toll plaza on the Benicia-Martinez bridge.

Progress continues on the IKEA in West Sac. One side has “IKEA”, the other has “IK”, which some might take as a comment. Say what you will…I love IKEA. Although much of our furnishings have moved on to a higher class, so to speak, I’m still using IKEA office furniture, and select pieces do have their place in our decor.

Cheri flies back tomorrow. Yay!