5 thoughts on “Wheeeeeee

  1. A quick check of ONT’s web site flight info says that the only airline with scheduled service ONT-SMF is WN. Given the time of your post, the most likely candidate for an LAS-ONT flight on WN is WN 2980, which originates at ABQ. Southwest’s site confirms that this is indeed a one-stop from LAS to SMF, and that it flies to ONT, arriving today at ONT at 15:16 (scheduled 14:55). Checking for WN 2980 departing SMF on Southwest’s site gives an error, “The flight number you entered is not valid for the city you selected,” which implies that the flight does not continue past Sacramento.

    So if this is the correct flight, it’s not continuing. (And it currently shows an arrival time estimated of 17:01 (scheduled 16:40).)

    (Addendum: This little hack to Orbitz also confirmed that WN 2980 is an ABQ-LAS-ONT-SMF flight. But I have yet to find any site giving me an actual departure time from LAS of this flight, so I still am not sure this is the flight of which you speak. Growl.)

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