13 thoughts on “It arrives tomorrow!

  1. Maybe here? With shipping that’s pretty much half the price as in retail stores.

    They have some HDMI cables there too, but they seem a bit more expensive.

    I work at Sears and we have that one on display. It looks fantastic – the only one that beats it is the 56″ Toshiba DLP one for $600 more.

    Too bad you couldn’t have bought it from me though šŸ˜‰ (we pretty nice commissions on them – 3.5% on that one, I think)

    • Sorry…but I think delivery from NY might be a tad expensive. *g*

      Thanks for the link; I’d forgotten about them. But one problem is that I need the cables tomorrow. *g*

      Am I correct in assuming that the unit does not come with cables? So far I’ve got one HDMI (for the satellite box) and one component (for the multi-region DVD player) on the list.

      • I think you’re screwed then. You guys have Fry’s around there though, right?

        I doubt it comes with cables, I’d be very surprised. Usually HDMI DVD players come with an HDMI cable, but that’s about all I can think of.

      • Yeah, we have Fry’s, but it’s a 20 minute drive in the wrong direction from the other errands I need to do, and it’s raining the proverbial cats and dogs…

        Oh, well, Circus City for me…

      • Wholly phreakin’ sh*t. I didn’t realize how much Monster cables actually were. $130 at CC? In the immortal words of

        Anyway, I found a GE component at CC for $20, which will do well for now, and will be required for the multiregion CD player (currently using S-video).

        I found a DVI-HDMI cable at buy.com for $70 (total $83 with s/h and sales tax (they’re based in CA)), which should be here next week.

      • Shoulda gone to Sears. Damn.

        BTW, the buy.com cable is from Monster.

        And to complete the sentence in the first paragraph…”In the immortal words of William Shakespeare, WTF?”

    • Yes it is certainly droolworthy.

      Discovery HD Theater broadcast the KTLA (L.A. Channel 5) coverage. The detail was incredible. You could make out the individual orange slices used for decorations.

      Now if I could just get reliable network feeds.

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