I’d better check the skies in a couple of hours…

Bulletin – Eas Activation Requested Tornado Warning National Weather Service Sacramento CA 930 AM PST Tue Feb 28 2006

The National Weather Service In Sacramento Has Issued A

* Tornado Warning For… Central Solano County In California This Includes The Cities Of… Suisun City… Fairfield And Interstate 80

* Until 1000 AM PST

* At 928 AM PST… National Weather Service Doppler Radar Indicated A Severe Thunderstorm Capable Of Producing A Tornado Near Suisun City… Moving Northeast At 35 Mph.

* The Tornado Is Expected To Be Near… Suisun City And Fairfield By 935 AM PST

Seek Shelter On The Lowest Floor Of The Building In An Interior Hallway Or Room Such As A Closet. Use Blankets Or Pillows To Cover Your Body And Always Stay Away From Windows.

If In Mobile Homes Or Vehicles… Evacuate Them And Get Inside A Substantial Shelter. If No Shelter Is Available… Lie Flat In The Nearest Ditch Or Other Low Spot And Cover Your Head With Your Hands.

Lat… Lon 3818 12219 3807 12201 3833 12185 3835 12196

Another page to , or any other…

So I’m using the Iomega Automatic Backup Pro software that came with my USB hard drive.

I started using it Friday early afternoon.

It’s backed up only about 33% so far. And it seems to be slowing down.

I’m backing up without compression, so it’s a (pretty much identical) copy.

I’ve killed all useless tasks, but at this point it’s gone beyond “Documents and Settings” so I’m doing a few things (e-mail, surf Internet).

Does anybody have any suggestions as to good backup software that could handle both DVD targets and USB hard drive targets?


Anybody on my FL read Japanese?

I just got an e-mail from United Mileage Plus – in Japanese.

It’s something about elite status (which I certainly am not eligible for) but what the heck, I’m curious to see what it is.

Babelfish isn’t being very helpful.

Doggie doggie update

1) He has no name! We get to pick one!

2) I spoke with the breeder, who is giving up the dog because they are moving. (I guess keeping 5 out of that litter is too much, but 4 is OK. Oh, and there were 11 in that particular litter. Goldens have large litters.) We are picking up Saturday morning directly at her house in Palmdale. So Friday late afternoon we’re driving to Bakersfield, then Saturday AM we’ll drive to Palmdale (1 hour 45 min), pick up dog, then turn around and head back. (It’s about 6 hours w/o stops, so figure 7 hours back home.) We’ll get some info (how much training he’s done already), and probably some of the current food he’s eating. Also, I just rented a car from Enterprise, because I got a $75 for 3 days deal. The tires on the Saturn are almost at the replace point, but I’m trying to postpone that a couple of months until the next coupon for tires from Costco comes out (probably about April).

3) We dropped $260 at PetSmart yesterday – $40 on cat food and litter, $100 on the obedience course, and $120 on dog stuff. Plus we picked up a few dog-related stuff at Costco.

OMG, what have we done?

We are getting a dog. A golden retriever puppy.

The back story: Last October, my mother- and stepfather-in-law had to put their goldie Shadow to sleep due to bladder cancer. He was deeply upset and depressed. Their good friend had another friend who had a litter right around the same time, and bought a bitch for him*. Thus Dollie came into their life. (Have I mentioned goldie pups are really cute?)

Last week during one of the regular calls between Cheri and her mom, it came out that the family that had bought a brother of Dollie had to move out of state, and could not bring the dog with them. Cheri’s mom wanted to know if we wanted him. We had talked about getting one this year, and I’d even kept a copy of the local fish wrapper that had had an article about a local golden rescue outfit. Heaven knows, a dog would be good for us – it would force us to go on walks, which is good exercise.

We said conditionally yes for a couple of reasons, the main one being that it’s down in Lancaster, and that if they couldn’t find anyone closer, we’d be the backup.

Well, while we were out walking over at Maidu Park this morning, my stepfather-in-law left a message saying the dog was ours and come down and pick him up this weekend. Ruh, roh.

We plan to crate-train him. He won’t sleep with us (that’s the cat’s area). For the moment, we’ll keep him in the utility room. We’ll take him to obedience classes as he gets older, and of course get him castrated spayed.

I do wonder how the other cats will take it.

Oh, yeah, I don’t know its name (yet). Hopefully it will be something we like.

*Edit – The friend of the friend had a bitch that had a litter – the friend did not have the litter. And bitch, here, refers only to female canine. And I didn’t say female dog, because bitch, female dog, having a litter, just could lead people down the wrong path. But maybe I’m overthinking the whole thing.