Cheap as chips – not!

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities… Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney [sic]. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

(Thanks, talonvaki! Oh, and happy b-day to kay_bee (where has she been?))

Irony, thy name is Microsoft

So I’m going to M$’s support web site to look at a support request I opened with Office Update.

And what do I get? A Firefox message saying that it does not recognize the issuer of the certificate – it cannot verify as a trusted site.

Hee, hee, hee.

(Yes, I should be using Internet Destroyer at the M$ site.)

Geek meme

Horked from jumbach:

“X” if it applies to you.

[ ] Sung/played for state and city officials
[ ] ever had to walk heel toe/with folder in left hand
[ ] can keep perfect rhythm
[ ] Ever had a pin shaped like a harp
[ ] been proud of hitting a high c
[ ] the words sweat, robes, feathered hats, and bright lights don’t make you cringe
[X] know what chromaticism means
[ ] Spit doesn’t scare you.
[ ] You’ve ever had practice at 5am
[ ] You’ve had a big black folder with your number on it actually
Total: 1

[ ] You have a couch in your front yard or porch
[X] You drive a four-wheeler
[ ] Ever said “git ‘er done!”
[ ] Like to get dirty
[X] Listen to country music
[ ] Have a broken car in your back yard
[ ] You own a cowboy hat
[ ] You have more then 4 different animals living in your home
[ ] You have watched the blue collar comedy tour more then once
[ ] You live on more than 1 acre
Total: 2

[X] You enjoy art and literature
[ ] Most of your clothing is black
[ ] You think about death often, but not necessarily suicide
[ ] You are extremely quiet and reserved
[ ] You’ve been called “freak”
[ ] You’re pale
[ ] You like Hot Topic.
[ ] You enjoy Tim Burton movies and Danny Elfman’s music Music, please
[ ] You prefer to be alone
[X] You’d rather stay home then go out.
Total: 2

[X] Been in a play.
[X] Seen more then one Broadway show*
[X] Been in a musical
[X] Been part of “crew.”
[ ] Your current job/school major involves theater
[ ] Want to end up working in/for theater
[^] Can recite all of the lyrics to your favorite play/musical
[^] You break out into random songs whenever/wherever!!
[X] You know who Gilbert and Sullivan are.
[X] The words: “act well your part” mean something to you.
Total: 6 + 2 * 0.5 = 7
*-London’s West End counted here

[ ] You like to skateboard/ rollerblade
[ ] You wear converse high tops
[ ] You do stupid, hilarious stuff with your friends.
[ ] You have gotten in trouble with the Cops.
[ ] You watch the x-games !
[ ] You have many piercings
[ ] You like/wear a mohawk
[ ] You wear Band t-shirts
[ ] You have called someone a poser recently
[ ] You do, or try to play the guitar.
Total: 0

[X] You say the word “like” all the time
[ ] You shop at Hollister/Abercrombie&Fitch/AE/Aero at least sometimes
[ ] The people in Hot topic scare you
[ ] You giggle a lot when you’re with your friends
[ ] Have/do you watch(ed) LAGUNA BEACH?
[X] You like pop music
[ ] You want/have a little dog
[X] you laugh a lot, even when not necessary
[ ] you disguise pain with a smile
[ ] You pretty much do what all your friends do
Total: 3

[ ] Your hair is long/in dreadlocks.
[ ] You own more than one tye-dye shirt
[ ] You want to save the animals.
[ ] You smoke marijuana on a regular basis
[ ] You think war is unnecessary.
[X] You like classic rock and music that doesn’t involve singing
[ ] You’ve done every drug out there
[ ] You’ve ever talked slowly and with no emotion
[ ] You have no plans for the future
[ ] Bob Marley is your hero
Total: 1

[ ] You act ghetto sometimes
[ ] You wear do-rags
[ ] You like hip-hop and rap
[ ] Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?
[ ] Do you believe he’s alive?
[ ] You like afros
[ ] You have ever “izzled” a word
[ ] You have had your hair in corn rows
[ ] You own any Baby Phat, G-Unit, or FUBU
[X] You can cuss like a sailor and still kiss your mom.
Total: 1

[] You cry often and are probably on depression meds
[ ] You wear band t-shirts/hoodies
[ ] You listen to emo bands
[ ] People don’t understand you
[X] You write your own poems and keep a journal
[ ] Ever dyed your hair red, black, and then swept it over to the side
[ ] you wear girl pants and eye liner when you’re a guy
[ ] Usually lonely
[ ] Is “Ohio is for lovers” by Hawthorne Heights a good song?
[ ] You wear thick-rimmed glasses and tight t-shirts
[ ] You’ve ever been to the warped tour
[X] You can relate to Holden Caufield, and know who he is.
Total: 2

[ ] You play every sport known to man.
[X] Men in tights don’t bother you.
[X] Your hair is short and to the point
[ ] You wake up before 6 every morning
[X] Do you own any pairs of shorts
[^] You call girls “hot” instead of “beautiful or pretty.”
[ ] You want to be at the beach or on the field right now
[X] You hate off season
[X] you’ve ever had athlete’s foot
[ ] you’ve broken more then one bone or sprained ankles more then once
Total: 5.5

[X] You wear glasses
[X] You get good grades
[ ] You use an inhaler/are allergic to many things
[X] Phys-ed was not your strong suit
[X] Your mom/significant other/spouse buys your clothes
[X] You’re often on the computer
[X] You get picked on
[ ] You look forward to homework
[X] You’re shy around the opposite sex*
[ ] You play video games
[X] You know how a pc works and how to put one together
Total: 8
*– Used to be, for the first 20+ years of my life.

[ ] You can zaghareet and you do so often. Loudly. In very inappropriate settings.
[ ] You can make 3 yards of otherwise limp fabric swirl around all pretty-like (even if it is a table cloth)
[ ] You know the difference between baladi, saidii and karshlima (and, for bonus points, are reasonably sure of the regions or countries that spawned them)
[ ] You insist on covering yourself in jewelry, particularly the extra shiney, jingly kind
[ ] You have your posture, and then you have your dance posture
[ ] You own at least 5 cds that have arabic titles
[ ] You know what “habibi” and “awai” mean

Total: 0

Renn Fair Follower

[ ] Hate the off season.
[ ] Own a collection of Faire CDs.
[ ] Have long hair.
[ ] Have driven more than an hour to go to a fair.
[ ] refer to your local renn fair as “your fair.”
[ ] belong to one of the guilds, and know the criteria/differences for them.
[ ] know the meaning of rose colors.
[ ] own at least on complete set of garb.
[ ] have memorized at least one fair act. (Tortuga twins!!)
[ ] know the proper use for the phrase, “The beer is in the pick up truck.”

Total: 0


[ ] most of your friends were born in another country.
[ ] you’ve been to a hookah lounge.
[X] you’ve memorized the words to a song in a language you don’t speak.
[ ] if one more person asks how you like working with dinosaurs, you swear to God…
[X] handling human skulls and bones doesn’t bother you.
[X] you know that there’s more of a genetic difference between two people of the same race than there is between two people of different races.
[^] you’re liberal, and you’re pissed off at the state of things.
[ ] every time you see someone going through their daily life in an original way, you wish you’d remembered your notebook so you could take notes.

Total: 3.5

[ ] You’ve been described as godless/liberal/elitist or asked why you hate America
[X] You know what column inches are
[ ] You get story ideas at the weirdest times and can’t concentrate unless you write them down immediately
[ ] You answer angry calls every day and/or have to deal with angry members of the public
[ ] You have a college degree — but make less than a Wal-Mart employee
[X] Your workplace requires you to have a pass to get into the building
[ ] People watch what they say around you
[X] You subscribe to a newspaper and many magazines
[ ] You carry around a mini tape recorder, a notepad, a pen and your press pass….just in case
[X] You know who Jason Blair and Stephen Glass are — and are disgusted by them

Total: 4