Arrgh. Boredom setting in.

So finally I get to play with the latest pre-beta code drop of a data base product from a large company known by a three-letter acronym. I’d been stymied in “toleration” testing because of so many bugs in the areas that we are supposed to tolerate (for example, accounting records identified with the prior version number). I’ve been waiting with anticipation.

I go through my checklist of errors I’ve found in earlier code drops. And guess how many were fixed.

Yep. Zilch. Zero. Nil.

Now I have to wait about three weeks until the official beta ships. Then at least they will take error reports. So toleration is, again, stopped.

I just wrote a fix, too, that is now going thorugh QA. I’ll probably look at a redesign of a component now, although any implementation would probably not make the GA (general availability) date.

Heck, even my computer-related listservs are dead.

But before I do the rename, what about underscores?

So, as I’m getting ready to do the rename, I suddenly realize that I can use underscores to break things up. But I’m not sure exactly what to use…

  • I work on z/Architecture, so it’s possible to replace the slash with an underscore.
  • My license plate is “ASM PGMR”, so there’s another spot for an underscore.
  • And I’m a z/Architecture assembler programmer, so there’s another thought.
  • But my work-related IM accounts are zarchasmpgmr.

So help me! Which makes sense to you?