Gute nachrichten, schlecte nachrichten

Good news – Rerun of 3+ hour batch job got past the real long step (reading in 20 tapes, for only about 50K records).

Bad news – Stupid, stupid control card error from creation of DB2 tables causes columns to be missing.

Worse news – Somebody’s doing some sort of DB2 maintenance so I can’t recreate my tables today.

That’s it. Work’s done for the day, from my perspective…

Wine. Good.

Los Angeles vintage mural help

The music video (yes, there was one) for Jean-Michel Jarre’s Equinoxe V was filmed mostly, strangely enough, in Los Angeles. There are a few places I recognize (such as 1979-era downtown Los Angeles, not much on the west side of the Harbor Fwy.), but one is throwing me.

There was a famous (back in the 1970’s, anyway) mural with a desert/western theme. It showed a cowboy to one side astride a horse, looking at a drive-in movie screen. On the screen was an astronaut on a space walk. Two places are coming to mind for its location – one is the Hollywood area, or just west of there, the other is the Westside.

Anyone of my older Angeleno FL have an idea of where it was (is?) located?

ETA since Google is one’s friend: It’s “The Fall of Icarus” by John Wehrle, which was on Market Street (by the boardwalk) in Venice, so my Westside hunch was right. I find conflicting info as to whether or not it still exists; I found a May 2005 reference that states that is mostly gone.

Birthday greetings to…


Today – I will be alone at the house. Cheri and a couple of her friends are heading to SF today on a shopping trip! Plans are to drive to BART in Concord, Pleasant Hill or Walnut Creek. It’ll be the first trip for Cheri in the Transbay Tube. (What? Drive in S.F.? Are you nuts?)

Overall, a quiet weekend. Mowed the front yard, and the grass that grew in the flow of where the A/C condensation runs off. That grass was 2′ high. No kidding. Despite the 110° temperatures, that stuff grew. And grew. And grew.