Latest thing to get on my nerves

Sponsorships that substitute a related verb for “sponsored” – for example, RaceDay on SPEED that is “built by the Home Depot”.

No it’s not. Even if you extend the sense of the verb “built”, there are a lot of P.A.s that actually are doing the work.

There are some others, and the more that I hear them, the less likely I am to patronize such places.

But at least one hasn’t reared its ugly head, so to speak. True sponsorship, but they aren’t using this (yet)

The Major League Baseball Comeback Player of the Year Erected by Viagra­­ ®.

Alone again, naturally…

Well, planned alone again. (I think only , drbear and talonvaki will get the reference.)

I’ve been up since 0330. Got Cheri to SMF about 0440. Nice guys at the Cirby Way/Riverside Ave S’bucks let me in at 0455 so I could have a grande 2% white chocolate mocha light whip (first in a while), then here.

Cheri got to Denver OK and met her brother. But they apparently sat on the tarmac for 1 1/2 hours according to Flight Explorer. Yuck.

I might take a nap after the regular Tuesday meeting (should be over about 1315). Oscar is trying to figure out what’s going on. I left him out of his kennel while I took Cheri to SMF; when I came back, he was on the bed. Awwwww…

Oh, mon cours français got off to a good start. The instructor (M M.) is about 10 years younger than I am…and I can understand why the female and gay student contingent in last year’s semester abroad thought he was hawt. For not having had regular instruction in 35 years, he said my accent was excellent. Je suis embarrassé, jusque soulagé. And no problem with spending 3 weeks in Paris assignment and grade wise; we’ll communicate by e-mail.