Hey, that’s not David Dickinson!

The new set of L’OrĂ©al Paris hair color commercials, that feature Heather Locklear (still yum after all these years!), are using the same transition music as the older BBC Bargain Hunts with David Dickinson.

I’m still surprised when I look up and it’s not David on the TV screen.

(When did Tim Wonnacott take over Bargain Hunt? I wonder if we’ll see those shows over here.)

OK, AG Lockyer, get your ass in gear and start some prosecuting…

Gee, what a surprise.

Although we do have a well-deserved right to not incriminate ourselves, the between-the-lines implication is that lots of people in management and executive levels at Hewlett-Packard now know what they were doing was criminal, and don’t want to make CA Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s job any easier.

Dunn is probably guilty of gross stupidity at worst. But the other members of the Board of Directors are equally as guilty of general stupidity for voting her in as chair in the first place.

And once again the decline in American corporate behavior since the introduction of the Harvard MBA is apparent. Remember this when you next visit your human resources department.

Bill and David are probably asking the appropriate $DIETY to throw lightning bolts at the current HP leadership.


Names I’ve grown up with and have known…

Byron Nelson

Edward Albert (the actor Eddie Albert’s son)

Ralph Story – I think he’s what got me started on my interest with the Pacific Electric

Etta Baker

Iva Toguri D’Aquino

In other news, do not inhale suddenly near a spoon filled with hot soup, because the piping hot carrot will lodge in your throat and give a nasty burn.

I hate remote support

Cheri is trying to install a wireless 4-port router in her apartment. Hard wired, it works great. But when she tries to go wireless (yes, this is after a reboot), she gets a message about “conflicting IP addresses”, then network access hangs. She’s tried to repair, but it hangs as well.

I can only provide so much, and now I’m at a loss.

Does anyone have an idea as to where the problem might be? I have an idea it’s in Local Area Connection properties, but I’d like to get some ideas before I ask her to try something.

UPDATE: I think I might have an idea. Is it possible that the cable modem supports only one MAC address? The D-Link DI-524 has an option to clone MAC addresses. Is this the way to go?

Teh yum

So if you’re out at Trader Joe’s, they now have these new noodle boxes, in flavors of satay and kung po [sic, maybe] under their Trader Ming’s brand. 2 servings, or one big serving (only 600 calories in the whole thing).

But you need some meat in your meal, I hear some cry. So today I added some of TJ’s grilled chicken strips to the kung po to give it some protein. I prepared the noodles as directed, in their little box, and kept it sealed after heating. Then I defrosted 3 oz of chicken strips. So for about 750 calories, I had a good lunch (after skipping breakfast, bad I know, but I woke up late.)

Add a bit of chicken, and it’s a good meal for 2.

And woo-hoo, this releases 2 days before I arrive! Virgin Megastore, here I come!