And now for the personal stuff

Finally I can get around to talking about Truffles.

About a week after I left, the pet sitter called; he was groggy and not responsive. She took him to the Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center (the emergency and regular practices have split). Over the next couple of days he was monitored. He had a massive urinary tract infection which, combined with old age, was causing his kidneys to shut down. After about 48 hours of care, with his uric acid levels still increasing, and a lack of returning to lucidity, we decided it was time.

So there was no white kitty waiting for me yesterday.

Today I got the held mail. And the very bottom envelope of the bin was the lock of hair and whiskers that I asked the vet to cut for us. And the note said that he was a handsome fella, which he was. I just bawled. And bawled. And dammit I feel like bawling now just writing about it.

And I also picked up Truffles’ ashes and paw print plaque, too.

I’m gonna miss the little b√Ętard. And condolences to researchguy and jumbach on the passing of Pascal.

In good news, I picked up Oscar today. Apparently he was the hit of the kennel, and everyone hated to see him go. He was happy to see me.

Modern technology – yuck!

So I get back from Paris yesterday, and today, for grins, I stuck ye olde dead laptop – remember, it would BSOD during boot – into the port extender to recharge.

Then for grins, I turned it on and stuck in the Windows XP CD, knowing that I’d have to talk with IT most of the day anyway. I didn’t get it inserted in time before the hard drive boot started. I went to Ctrl-Alt-Del but it was too late, here comes the Windows XP logo and busy graphic.

And no BSOD. It booted. Just fine. Well, except for the “Error – MDAT.DAT not found” message which an internet search tells me is related to a f’d up mouse driver. But it booted.

And, for whatever reason, Recovery Console denies the administrator password, even if I changed it directly via Users. So I get to drive down to Slummyvale on Thursday and try to dissect the box.

But the good news – I recovered my Outhouse PST file and my half-completed travel journal!

I can do some work via TN3270. I certainly won’t fire up Outhouse, though.


My work-issued laptop died Sunday – the hard drive appears to have gone somewhat kaput.

So I’m borrowing Cheri’s laptop at times – so updates (such as what happened to Truffles) will have to wait.

, quick question – is there a program I can use on a bootable CD that can do a check on the hard drive and possibly repair? The symptoms are a BSOD and an automatic reboot during the “Windows XP” screen with the activity indicator. Or, possibly, the ability to move some files to a jump drive? Sadly, the Dell diagnostics/utilities CD is safely at home, where it should be…