Some good news

You may remember about 3 weeks ago, I posted an entry regarding my French teacher at Sierra College, and that he was awaiting results of a test to see if cancer had returned. Well, there is good news.

The tests were negative, and the lymph gland swelling appeared to be a by-product of the infection he had had. His energy has returned – he has been his usual self again.e (Sadly, though, he is still leaving at the end of the semester.)

And something interesting, at least to me: His father used to be a motorman on the RATP Métro ligne 13.

Thanksgiving survival

Excellent – Cheri worked way hard on getting the meal done – I helped, too.

Attendees, other than the 2 of us: my parents, my dad’s first cousin (who moved to Paso Robles earlier this year), and Ella, who was there for 2 reasons: 1) to provide her escape from her family; 2) to provide us a touchstone of sanity from my family.

Turkey was kosher from TJ’s. Sides were the usual sweet potato/yam concoction and the infamous green bean casserole. Desserts were a pumpkin pie by Cheri (using TJ’s canned pumpkin – yes, I know) and an apple spice cake made by my mom. Wine was flowing freely, except for my dad, who was having Belgian beers.

Only one argument with my mother, who kept denying that she was giving out contradictory information on some useless genealogical data. Arrgh. Pass me more alcohol, please. Oh, and this stuff is the decadent (yeah, that sure is a double entendre web address).

My folks brought up a bunch of my great-grandmother’s and grandfather’s German books, mostly college and gymnasium textbooks. We made a discovery inside one of the books, though – an address of where my great-grandparents lived in Bremen. Now I’ve got a real reason to go back there.

And I just noticed the name of one of the major streets (to the NW) is named after someone named Hermann Böse. Family?