Dear cow-orkers o’ mine in Houston

Please remember that 0900 in Houston is 0700 on the Left Coast. Just sayin’.

Another example of some of the internal politics of this company.

Damn lucky I’m a telecommuter. I think I’m the only person in my group o’ developers that’s on this thing.


*drinks coffee*

EDIT: Noticed one of our tech writers (located on the SF Peninsula) is on the call. But I’m the only developer.

Happy birthday wishes to…


In other news, still exhausted from the weekend. I finished the front lawn landscaping yesterday. We have a raised section in the middle of the lawn that has one large pine tree (I think it’s some kind of Norwegian pine, there are matching ones at each opposite end of the yard, too) and had been covered with bushes and wood chips. We ripped out the bushes a couple of years ago, but have never gotten around to doing the rest, other than me getting rid of the wood chips.

A month ago, we laid down landscaping cloth, and Saturday I dug and planted 2 crape myrtles. Yesterday, I planted 18 small bushes and plants such as dianthus, lavendula bipanatta, rosemary, thyme and Western sage.

I’m hurting.

Dumb question. Is the “crape” in crape myrtle unrelated to the French word crêpe?

Edited because, gosh darn it, today and yesterday are not the same…

For the one of you that lists him as an interest

And anyone else who might be interested in one of the founders of the electronic music genre…

Jean-Michel Jarre (“some big guy from France” as described in an interview on MTV for the 1986 Rendez-Vous Houston concert) has a new album coming out on 26 March. called « TÉO & TÉA ».

From what I’m hearing, it sounds like he’s returning to the sounds of his earlier works.

Heh, I’m old.

So, today, I put in a request for the AP folks to send my AP English test scores to Sierra College. I was debating whether or not to drive up to the post office to put the request in the mail.

Then I realized that it’s been almost 28 years – what’s another day?

I’m going to take a nutrition class this summer on line, and then take a speech class in the fall (along with maybe French III). Then I will be able to get a liberal arts AA.

Future plans? Transfer to Sac State, or, possibly, UOP – but I need to talk to my parents about that.

Why you are reading this post on a computer

John W. Backus 1924-2007 (NY Times, may require registration)

In a nutshell – Backus was the impetus and the leader for the IBM team that created FORTRAN, which was the first third-generation computer language. From there all languages, including Perl, which is the backbone behind LiveJournal, emanate. Some good (COBOL, still going strong, despite its wordiness), some bad (Windows operating system, written in C++, which exemplifies bloatware).

He was also one of the designers of Backus-Naur Form, a system primarily used to describe syntactical elements of context-free programming languages.

Edited, because, holy merde, my grammar totally sucked in my original post.