There are some things in the C programming language that can just drive you nuts. And it doesn’t help that it’s taking 2 minutes to compile the program I’m working on, and another 2 minutes to link it. (Although there are reasons why it takes this long, and I can’t really talk about it, because I would violate NDAs…)

I do wish this code was written in assembler. It would assemble faster and I wouldn’t be so beholden to variable types.

Really stupid gaffe of the day

Saturday morning. I grind coffee, fill the maker with water, start it, then go on my walk – the idea, of course, to have coffee waiting upon my return. Note – and this is important – the coffee maker is a Cuisinart one that uses commuter-type mugs, so no glass carafe here.

I grab an almost-empty box of Blue Diamond vanilla-flavored almond milk. I shake it, pour it in. Hmmmm…it’s a little clear. Shake again, pour in, looks the same, hmmm…oh, well, it’s almost empty anyway.

As I turn to put it away, I wonder why the package is talking about free-range chicken. Then it hits me – I put in Pacific Organic Chicken Broth into my coffee instead of the almond milk.

Oh boy. Pour out the coffee into the sink. Hey, wait – it’s rather lacking in color. I open the coffee maker – and there’s a filter – but no coffee. Oops – it’s still in the grinder!

So, no lost magic elixir of the morning.

French Film Festival has been fun; today’s the last show. We’re going to the Hard Rock for dinner, then the last movie – Dans Paris – then the after-show get-together.

I’ve been a bit lack the past few days in checking LJ. Please let me know if I need to read your journal for important news.

Happy birthday to…

TRON Guy and mentor of Hercules, jmaynard!

In other news. Windows sucks. I’m having issues where applications are hanging up.

On an unrelated topic, I am working on narrowing down Firefox memory usage issues. It seems to be tied to a add-on, and I think it’s one of the Google applications.

And on another related topic, my WinXP and WinVista boxes can’t talk to each other. They can see each other (I installed the LLTD on the WinXP box, but entering \\computer-name comes back with “not found”. Grrr…

Update – It was Noron Internet Security causing me grief on my LAN. Despite it being configured to allow it on one setting, another was blocking it. Arrgh. So I opened everything in my network and I can now access both sides.