Chronicles of the re-employed – week 1

Not all that bad, actually. Still some hiccups with setting up of communications and Lotus Notes (*gah*, it’s still a large volume of excretory matter even after all these years). I’m starting to feel productive, as I’m setting up a sandbox system for me to play with.

And today I may have broken one of the development systems, twice, but it wasn’t intentional…

*phone rings*

That was the president, who also does a lot of our system management. And it’s probably coincidence.

The common page data set is filling up and it appears then that for some reason there’s an error when z/OS is trying to page in common storage. It’s a hard wait. There may be underlying reasons but I can’t say to the underlying reasons because, well, of an NDA.

(Reference for next section of post – people are identified by their dogs)

Elsewhere…at the dog park yesterday, one of our loose social group (Grady’s mom) told us that one of the dogs that belongs to another (Brandy – the dog) had run away, possibly due to firecracker noise. Apparently, Brandy went out the pet door and must have jumped the fence. But good news; today, she called and said that Brandy’s mom had found her over in the UP yard in excellent shape. And the dog door will be shut overnight until past this weekend.

Also, on Saturday, we and Dahlia’s mom went over to Luna’s parents. We brought Oscar along, and Dahlia came along too. He was mostly well-behaved, except for his hugging-of-people-sitting-in-chairs habit which he never does with us, of course. Normally, Luna and Oscar don’t play at the park – they know each other, greet each other, and that’s it. But at Luna’s house, they played! It was really cute to watch. Dahlia, because she’s much smaller, decided to rest instead (plus, she had a seizure earlier in the day; she has “regular” petite mal seizures about every 2 or 3 weeks. Yes, it’s being taken care of.) We had BBQ and wine (Luna’s parents are into wine, and we bought a bottle of grigio with us).

It was fun, and we’re definitely going to do it again. We’ll invite them over one day, once I get a better BBQ.

4 thoughts on “Chronicles of the re-employed – week 1

    • I would say that Notes blows massive chunks. I used it from mid-1995 through late 1997, and I was glad to see it disappear. OTOH, Outhouse isn’t much better, but I’m so used to it that when I bought this Dell, I had to have them put O2K3 Standard (w/o PPT) on it.

      The company president says that Notes is the most counterintuitive software with which he’s ever worked. And I second that.

      OTOH, the current version has some damn nice redundancy options.

    • No I don’t. My RAZR will take videos, but they’re not that good. Also, it was kind of dark (yard is on the east side of a 2 story house, and completely in shadow).

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