Chronicles of the unemployed, day -1


So today is my last day at my company.

Several factors came into play…the biggest one being that the fellow who wrote the product thought I wasn’t doing enough; but in my defense, he was very secretive about a lot of things, and didn’t always respond to my questions. There’s also financial issues with the company.

I’m already out there looking. I know none of you are mainframe programmer types, but if one hears anything, or has a contact, I’d appreciate it.

Gee, thanks for the idea…but er, no.

195.0, Δ = (I have no idea, I’m too lazy to go back. But as you can see…not much progress. Part of that was because of the beaucoup pasta I had in the past few days. Cheri modified a baked ziti recipe into a white lasagna. Next time, we’re making it 1/2 the size. 🙂 OTOH, my tummy has been rather upset…so that’s probably why I’ve not put on as much as one would expect from eating pasta almost every day for a week.)
And now, for jumbach‘s benefit, direct from XE:
   US$1.00 ≈ €0,68 ≈ £0.50 ≈ CA$1.00 ≈ CHF 1,10 ≈ AU$1.13

In today’s e-mail:
Make This Valentine’s Day Special. 15% Off – Order Today! – at JC Whitney!

Yes, that company is always at the top of my shopping list for special things for Cheri. (¬)

Dear Windows Vista

Please stop stealing focus. It’s not my fault you are taking minutes to respond to simple things like right clicks, and if I navigate away from a window because it says “not responding”, don’t worry; I’ll get back to it. You don’t have to make it primary just because it finally responded.


Oh, and that update that supposedly improves large I/O by 10-15%? I call BS.