Ein kleines Nachfasssenden an einem Senden, das ich vor einigen Tagen geschriebt habe…(in English)

or how a bunch of Central and Eastern European border guards just lost their jobs.

A few days ago I posted about the anniversary of the Schengen agreement. What I did not know, and I’m surprised that I didn’t, was that on Sunday morning nine new countries, all part of the first EU expansion, officially joined Schengen. And Cyprus and Switzerland will join at the end of 2008. I hadn’t had confirmation that the Swiss were actually joining, although I knew they were interested. Maybe I should start subscribing to the EuroNews daily newsletter as well as the France24, TV5 Monde, Deutsche Welle, and BBC daily newsletters. Except…they don’t have one. Schade.

If it wasn’t for the damned $-€ exchange rate, I’d be traveling over there, stat, and visiting countries that I’ve always wanted to visit. smoofy, now’s a great time to explore Prague and Budapest, and wander over to just the other side of the other Frankfurt (a.d. Oder) to the outlet malls, where you can pick up stuff, cheap (and I think they even take Euros, so no conversion to zlotys required). And especially since you just got your visa! (And maybe your MasterCard ®, too. *rimshot* )

And I figured it was about time that I uploaded an EU flag icon.

A fun weekend, for once

This weekend, we actually did something, although it took instigation from someone else.

Our friend Kristin scored some free movie tickets, apparently by buying the right frozen foods at Safeway. So she e-mailed and said did we want to join her. Not being one to turn down a free movie, especially since there was one that I was actually interested in for once, we said sure. When we figured out that we’d go to the theater right nearby, I said that she should bring her dog Ginger over, and Oscar could have a play date. We also said we’d buy dinner.

Kristin and Ginger come over, and the romp begins. (Ahem. The dogs, you sicko.) Oscar and Ginger just start running around the house (except the bedroom, where we’ve locked up the cats) and are wrestling and playing. We finally get them out back and off to Bravo! Pastaria. If you find yourself in the Roseville area, and have a hankering for some good Italian food with a twist, check them out, and say hi to Mark, the owner. The food is great, the service is great, the prices are reasonable. And they have a good wine selection.

We come back home for a few minutes, and let the dogs in. Wrestling continues. We get them back out, and then off to the movie – 21. Not a bad movie. It’s based on the true story of M.I.T. students who (aw, crap, no wonder my alarm didn’t go off this morning…it just went off. *runs down hall* Sorry, Cheri!) used their phenomenal memories to count cards and won millions at blackjack. There’s a lot of artistic license, including security goons, but it was good entertainment, for the price of a large soda and a box of Red Vines (shared with Cheri).

We came back, and the two dogs were patiently waiting at the back slider. Awww. They exhausted themselves. We open the door, and…round three! Sure, they’re exhausted. Sure they’re tired. After about 15 minutes of having to have pleasant conversation, we just give up for the evening (it was getting late for 3 middle-aged folks, anyway), and we said good night to Kristin and Ginger. Oscar? Well, he was exhausted, after all. He jumped on the bed, and did not move all night. Really. He was in the exact same position in the morning when we woke up.

That’s the fun. Sunday, we did accounting homework (online), interrupted by internet problems, while watching the NASCAR. Then we took Oscar to the dog park. And it was Opening Night. I must say, the Nats’ new ballpark is very nice, but let’s be honest—the Mt. Rushmore presidents racing around the park are a bit scary. (Damn Braves bullpen.)

I’m going to bounce the router once I post this—if I can post successfully. Thank $DEITY for Semagic and the ability to save a draft.

13 years ago, a lot of Western European border guards lost their jobs

On 26 March 1995, the Schengen Agreement,named after the town closest to the meeting point of the French, German and Luxembourgian borders, went into effect. Side note: the agreement was signed on a boat moored in the Moselle/Mosel River, at the imaginary point where the three borders intersect. (I’ve been in Schengen. Even filled up with petrol there.)

Because of this, 8+ years later, I was able to drive between those three countries and not stop. (But I did stop when crossing from St.-Louis, Haut-Rhin, France, and Basel, Switzerland. There is talk of Switzerland signing the agreement.

For those of you who speak better *n*x than I do

I’ve got a question…now of course I can go Google search, but I’d like to at least have some ideas to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

Is there such a thing as an Windoze Explorer-type client that runs on Windows (but could also be run on other platforms like Unix) that allows remote file management (more along the lines of the File Mangler of yore)? I assume that NFS would be required (which might be a problem), but an FTP/rexec interface would also work.

NOTE – Another update. NFS is OK. So now my question also expands to NFS clients on Windows.

x11 solutions may not be feasible at the moment.

Edited to clarify.