Ein kleines Nachfasssenden an einem Senden, das ich vor einigen Tagen geschriebt habe…(in English)

or how a bunch of Central and Eastern European border guards just lost their jobs.

A few days ago I posted about the anniversary of the Schengen agreement. What I did not know, and I’m surprised that I didn’t, was that on Sunday morning nine new countries, all part of the first EU expansion, officially joined Schengen. And Cyprus and Switzerland will join at the end of 2008. I hadn’t had confirmation that the Swiss were actually joining, although I knew they were interested. Maybe I should start subscribing to the EuroNews daily newsletter as well as the France24, TV5 Monde, Deutsche Welle, and BBC daily newsletters. Except…they don’t have one. Schade.

If it wasn’t for the damned $-€ exchange rate, I’d be traveling over there, stat, and visiting countries that I’ve always wanted to visit. smoofy, now’s a great time to explore Prague and Budapest, and wander over to just the other side of the other Frankfurt (a.d. Oder) to the outlet malls, where you can pick up stuff, cheap (and I think they even take Euros, so no conversion to zlotys required). And especially since you just got your visa! (And maybe your MasterCard ®, too. *rimshot* )

And I figured it was about time that I uploaded an EU flag icon.

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