Celebrity sightings

It’s not often you get to sit down and chat with a rock star. But here in Sacramento, celebrities don’t have a big head, and one even brings his three dogs to Marco Dog Park, and joins us our group for conversation.

And he even plays fetch with Oscar. And gives him great big pats. And Oscar tries to return the favor and jump in his lap. Bad dog!

Another one of our regular group even named his dog after the band.

ION, 90°? In April? And triple digits and brush fires down south? WTF happened to spring?

Note from jumbach

If you’ve been following the earthquake activity in Reno, you’ll note that there was a 4.7 a bit before midnight last night.

James texted me this morning and asked me to pass along that he and Dione are OK. They went to his in-laws in Sparks. There was a bit of cosmetic damage (the usual broken dishes, knick-knacks, etc., that one would associate with an almost-5) but the building is OK.

They’re pretty shook up…in talking with James, he’s experiencing the same emotions that I’m going through every time I experience a good-sized earthquake–especially when they wake you up in the middle of the night.

Not all of James’ friends are on my FL–so could those of you who have more of his friends also post this info? Thanks…

Call for iolanthe_rosa and tattermuffin, call for…

(Props to anyone who can discern the subject reference. Double props for a good description.)

In this wonderful cosmic universe in which we all are but ephemeral wisps of energy, it turns out that both of you were at Pinnacles this past Sunday!

tattermuffin had her husband, her son, her daughter, and deux élèves français d’échange in tow.

iolanthe_rosa had her husband, her daughter, and her son in tow.

So, if y’all noticed each other, there was an ethereal connection, albeit unknown to each other at that time…