Celebrity sightings

It’s not often you get to sit down and chat with a rock star. But here in Sacramento, celebrities don’t have a big head, and one even brings his three dogs to Marco Dog Park, and joins us our group for conversation.

And he even plays fetch with Oscar. And gives him great big pats. And Oscar tries to return the favor and jump in his lap. Bad dog!

Another one of our regular group even named his dog after the band.

ION, 90°? In April? And triple digits and brush fires down south? WTF happened to spring?

2 thoughts on “Celebrity sightings

    • Oh, yeah, Jeff’s good. I even spotted him a bag I had in my pocket last night when one of his dogs did his doody before he had a chance to get a bag.

      Generally, you grab a bag as you enter the park, because if you take your eyes off your dog when he’s crapping, or go grab a bag as it’s going, it can be difficult to find its location once you lose track of where it’s squatting.

      And, of course, you walk towards it while using your peripheral vision to make sure you don’t step in a land mine along the way that someone either didn’t see or just plain ignores it (sadly, we have a few of those owners, too).

      And if it’s at the other end of the park…good luck! You can spend minutes looking for it, and if you can’t find it, you do the phantom “Ahhh, there it is”.

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