Thoughts on filling the tank…

Wow. I had a 20-cent discount lurking at Safeway. Now this is the last time I’ll ever pay less than $4/gallon.

And the old joke about the prices going up while you’re pumping gas? Not exactly, but during the time I drove across the street, went into Sbux, and came out (what, 4 minutes max?). the price had gone up two-cents.

Off to the 2008 Sac SPCA Doggy Dash. The 2km walk, that is. We’re meeting Kristin there. At least the Fix I-5 project doesn’t affect us this trip into town.

Dear numbnuts at Fox Sports

Inspirational ≠ heroic.

Yes, this is Memorial Day weekend. Remember those who have fought for our country. But you don’t call baseball players heroic. Heroic is reserved for people rescuing people from burning buildings or under enemy fire–putting their lives in danger to save others. Inspirational is pitching a perfect game after having been treated for lymphoma last year, or pitching and winning a game 42 days after a cancerous thyroid was removed from you.

And ultra big shame on you, Jeanne Zelasko, for playing along with the whole Fox theme, because you know better, having your own medical situation earlier this year. You are inspirational, not heroic.

Edited because a missing “k” makes all the difference in producing a coherent sentence.

How not to be considered for an open position…

I’ll admit that one person’s cockiness is another person’s confident manner. But then again there are times when that is not the case.

On Monday, we received this résumé for our open position. The summary of this person’s career is straight-forward; he certainly meets most of the requirements we need. But then there was his cover letter…

We report. You decide.

Overly busy…

I’ve been so busy, I’ve been falling behind on all sorts of stuff. With my co-worker leaving, fixing bugs exposed by fixes to bugs, statistics class starting, BSODs on the work and laptop computers, and my iPod being DOA ( is sending out another one)…and accidentally deleting an entry and it was copied to the clipboard as it should have been…

Oh, and the A/C broke on Saturday. At least the fan did. Luckily the 100° heat has broken.

And I think I’ve finally gotten the bugs fixed.

I’ll try to re-create that post…

I’m also way behind on LJ. LMK if there’s anything new…

When it rains, it pours…

OK. Today was my 60-day mini-review. I had learned in advance that it was pretty good…nothing to worry about. But still, one never knows.

So I get a call today, and my boss says I have good news and bad news…first the good news. They are deliriously happy for with me. Big pats on the back, etc.

Now the bad news…my co-worker gave his notice yesterday. I won’t get into the reasons other than he believes he is not comfortable with the systems-level code we work with. (He’s originally an applications programmer.)

So…they’ve gone from 4 (although that was just for one week) to 3 to 2 developers who are familiar with z/OS at a systems level. Plus I’ve become the de facto systems programmer because I’ve done that before.

We’re looking to hire someone likerightnow, but there will be the inevitable coming up to speed. Which is where I am at the moment. And I really haven’t gotten much into the C code–just the assembler. So do I feel overwhelmed? A bit.


My boss says that he wants me to let him know as soon as I feel in over my head. He said that they will do their best to have people available for me to contact. One of the product C coders/architects is familiar with coding on z/Architecture, and I’ll be using him as a resource.

I have to say that I am really liking this job. I’m looking at this circumstance as a challenge.

Now where’s the wine? Oh, yeah, French class tonight. Can’t touch the stuff.

Edited because using the proper preposition is key to correct comprehension.