OK, the Three Things Meme

Why not? As seen in many places…

Basic concept – list three things that you believe that no one on your friends’ list has ever done. If you’re called on it, strike it and add another.

  1. I’ve logged on and done some programming on a Fujitsu-Siemens BS2000/OSD system and also Fujitsu’s MSP-EX (their MVS clone).
  2. I’ve been to Luxembourg.
  3. I appeared on Maury (long before he descended into Jerry Springer depths)
  4. .

I before E…

Caught over on , certainly good for a ROFL.

I before E...
I before E…
“Scheißt” is the third-person singular present tense of “scheißen”, which is “to shit”. The proper word is “schießt”, which is the third-person singular present tense of “schießen”, which is to shoot, as in the sense of putting an object towards a target (it applies to guns as well). (Credit: German network N24)


It’s been that kind of day.

I should be an expert juggler, because that’s what I’ve been doing all day long. Too bad I’m uncoordinated. Five or six critical things (I’ve lost count), so many things being pushed deeper on my work to-do-list, nothing being done on my personal to-do-list in a week…

I need time off, but things would be worse when I got back.

From the NSS category comes…

Email received about 90 minutes ago…

Sacramento Regional Air Quality Forecast

Although the forecast is above 150 AQI, a Spare The Air advisory is not in effect. On Spare The Air days, residents are encouraged to reduce driving and curb other activities that produce ground-level ozone air pollution. The high pollution levels forecast for today and tomorrow are due to wildfires burning throughout Northern and Central California.

Today and Tomorrow:
Tuesday, Jun 24: 187 AQI – Unhealthy (Ozone)
Wednesday, Jun 25: 161 AQI – Unhealthy (Ozone)

Yesterday’s regional maximum:
Monday, Jun 23: 210 AQI – Very Unhealthy(Ozone)

Extended Forecast:
Thursday, Jun 26: Unhealthy (Ozone)
Friday, Jun 27: Unhealthy (Ozone)
Saturday, Jun 28: Unhealthy (Ozone)
Sunday, Jun 29: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups(Ozone)

Visit www.SpareTheAir.com for forecasts by county, current AQI readings, air quality maps, and additional air quality information.

This forecast was issued by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.

That’s the first time I’ve seen the purple Very Unhealthy show up in an email. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get the Hazardous designation (which IIRC is like 300+).

The good thing is that there is no way in Hades (speaking of fire) that today’s forecast high of 98° F (37° C)is going to hit. It’s 83° F (28° C) right now…

So let me pontificate on the passing of George Carlin, and my own mortality

I was introduced to George Carlin by his appearances on the Flip Wilson show. Although the humor was toned down for the airwaves, it was still funny. (“Scientists today discovered a new number — freen! It lies between six and seven.”) I saw him change his act over the years, moving into a rant-style humor with beaucoup d’analogies, à Dennis Miller (or vice versa). In his monologues, though, Carlin spoke the truth, pointing out many inequalities and outright governmental and media lies. I’m going to miss you, George. I should keep an eye on the XM 150 schedule, as I’m sure they’ll be running an all-day retrospective this week.

I turned 46 last week. (Yes, I’m the oldest or second-oldest on your friends’ list.) For some reason, this year my birthday has brought with it a slight bit of sadness or depression. I’m not sure why. I’m thinking it’s the “6”, implying a downhill slide towards 50. I also realized that my uncle will turn 70 next year, which of course makes total sense as my mom (and my dad) turn 72 this year. I look at my brother-in-law and his wife, both of whom turn 50 in the next 12 months. Their daughters, 20 and 18. The eldest was a little baby at our wedding. We’ve got the pics. We also have the pics of her first birthday party, where the cake ended up everywhere on her face except in her mouth. And then we saw her and her boyfriend (she thinks she will be a fiancée soon) walking back from Cucina Alessá on Sunday morning, where they had gone for breakfast. She’s about ready to go out on her own and start a new phase of her life. And I feel happy, yet also a bit old.

(If you’re in the area, you have to go to Cucina Alessá. The food is fantastic, and the weekend breakfasts are to die for, literally. The French toast is the best I’ve ever had. Seriously. We ate there twice, for breakfast Saturday and a late dinner on Sunday.)

I sometimes feel sad that I will not see what the future holds in store 50 or 100 years from now. Will we be traveling through space, as envisioned when I was a child, when my parents were in high school? Or, more likely, will we be stuck on a planet where resources have dwindled? Hell, will there be a United States of America in 100 years?

There are drawbacks to immortality, though. Those kids keep running across my lawn.

Yeah, OK. Thanks for the ad, Google

So I’m browsing recently laid-off Sac Bee reporter John Hughes’ rtrider blog, and Google obviously thinks I may need something, because here are the ads it threw up.

(gratuitous spacing added because the image is coming out unreadable and too small…or too small and unreadable, and if it’s still unreadable, click on the image)

Why automated ad placement is not always a good thing

So when I need to start taking over transit agencies by buying bus routes, I’ll remember to go to pronto.com.


ION, *cough cough*. It sure is smoky around here from the fire burning west of Fairfield.


Tomorrow’s NASCAR fell through. Confusion and mix-up about tickets, which were given to someone else.

Also, Oscar has a mild case of kennel cough. Apparently it’s bacterial, which the vaccines won’t do squat against. So no dog park for him until at least next Wednesday.