Well, that was strange.

So, this morning I loaded a new userpic.

And…somehow this userpic got wiped out and replaced with someone else’s.

Luckily I still have the old one on one of my machines, so I deleted and uploaded under the same name.

And I have to snicker, because the last post, about applying to Sac State, was entry number 1337. Ironic.

Back to school…

Ce soir je retournerai à l’enseignement de la langue française, mais maintenant à Folsom Lake College .

Je m’inquiète un petit peu, parce qu’elle est une école nouvelle pour moi. Je ne connaîtrai personne, probablement. Et je n’ai pas beaucoup de chance à utiliser la langue il y a l’année passée. Je ne sais pas où la classe commencer, comme ma dernière classe a fini. J’ai apprendre les objets directs et indirects, et en les classes à l’Alliance j’en ai apprendre plus. Mais à l’Alliance il était un sens qu’on sait certains des tenses, comme le futur et le conditionnel. J’ai enseigné ces tenses moi-même , mais je n’aurais appris pas correctement et probablement.

Je desire de bonne chance. J’en aurai besoin.

Roughly translated…I go back to French instruction tonight, but at Folsom Lake College. I’m a bit apprehensive because this is a new school for me. I won’t know anyone there, probably. And I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to use French in the past year. I don’t know where this class will start, as compared to where my last class ended. I had learned direct and indirect objects, and at the classes at the Alliance Française I learned more about those. But at the Alliance there was a sense that one knew certain tenses, like the future and the conditional. I have taught myself those tenses, but I probably did not learn them correctly.

I want good luck. I will need it.