Who’s that guy posting on my friends page?

Well, well. What’s been going on?

In one word, work. I’ve been extremely busy under deadline pressure, plus 2 tests last week. My schooling has suffered somewhat (more on that in a bit). I’ve been working 9-10 hour days, then working all around the house. I haven’t read LJ in a week, so if there’s anything of importance, please let me know. (tattermuffin, what did you think of Atlanta?)

I have posted a bit here and there on FB and Twitter, but even my Twittering has suffered. (I have discovered TweetDeck, what an awesome concept! Too bad it uses Adobe AIR, yet another piggy product from the folks who bring you that overused and resource consuming “tool”, Flash.

But I must be a glutton for punishment. I just signed up for a full-time load at Sac State in the fall. Whaaa? Yes, 12 units. But 9 of them are online (intro to marketing, business communications [memos, etc.], and French civilization), and the other 3 are the intro MIS class that I can sleep through. Cheri is taking the same 3 online classes, plus 2 more online in accountancy, and will try to add the MIS class, for a total of 18 units. She’s more of the punishment glutton than I am. But she’s done very well with the 15 units this semester. And if she can take 18, then she can graduate a semester sooner!

The weekends have been busy; for example, last weekend, I got to don the cap, flannel shirt and boots in 90° F/32° C+ weather and do something I’ve always wanted to do…be a lumberjack! Cutting down the mighty…er, I don’t know what this was. It was about a 4-year old tree in the city easement along the creek that was going to grow into the overhead power lines. We live in the last Roseville subdivision built with overhead utilities; in fact, the next phase on the south side of the creek has no overhead utilities. The city (our electric company is municipally-owned, much cheaper than PG&E!) was supposed to start burying them this year, but with the depression…

Zut alors! Qu’est-ce qu’passe avec ma classe française?

Random updates stuff

Wow. I have been so busy that all I’ve had time to do is to quick & dirty FB/Twitter updates. So I’m taking some good decompress time and I’m going to post something with meat.

Why have I been busy? Well, first…work, which is complicated by the fact that we are on a forced 20% furlough, basically one day off a week. We’re OK, financially, for at least a while. Also, I’ve been able to pick up some side work that will help cover the gap, and that side work may actually lead to some more, longer term part-time deals, including the possibility of something local (if this particular county and the State can quit feuding about dollars, like that’s gonna happen any time soon, lol) and, believe it or not, an organization where my nascent French knowledge will come in handy (don’t worry, I linked to the English pages).

But the time off has helped with my school work. I can actually concentrate more on studying. I survived two test last week, in HR and biz legal. I actually scored in the mid-80s on both, which considering these are not interesting subjects for me induced a pleasant reaction. There’s a decent possibility that I can get As in both classes. And both professors said that their first exams are usually the killer ones; the next two aren’t quite as bad. This week, for Sac State, I have two assessment exams: one is writing proficency that all juniors must take and pass to be allowed to be declared seniors academically, and the MIS challenge exams (yes, I haz mad kompyooter skillz); the latter means that I don’t need to take MIS 1/2/3 (Windoze/teh Internets, Word, Excel, all one unit classes). I also need to see about challenging the upper division COBOL class. And on the fall schedule, it looks like I’ll be dipping into the French well, as there is an online French civilization class that Cheri and I will take for one of the required upper division general ed classes.

Over on the side of la classe française, there has been an upheaval. Prof. Bergeron has left suddenly. Her husband just retired from CalPERS, probably thinking it was a good time since CalPERS funds, which used to be the class of public retirement, have pretty much gone into the shitter. At one time he managed over $40B in funds. When he left, it was $1.98. (Just kidding; there’s not much he could do about it anyway. It’s really $62.86, coincidentally the current amount in my amazon.com slush fund change bag.) He took a consulting position in Milano (not the Pepperidge Farm cookie) and it starts in May. I got the distinct impression that she was not happy about the sudden change, and her husband had done IHO rash things like this before. But, to use a phrase I’ve heard before, c’est la vie. Her replacement is from the great exotic locale of…upstate New York. This is the first foreign language teacher I’ve had that was not a native speaker of that language since *thinks* jr. high school. In my college French career, I’ve had teachers from les banlieues parisiennes, la Belge, et le Québec. It’s taking a little bit of getting used to…especially since that IMNSHO I have a better French accent than she does.

Home side? Not much time to work around the house. We did post some stuff on Craigslist with varying results. I started mowing the back yard yesterday since we’ve finally had a good run of no rain. I got it about 1/2 done, but the Neuton battery ran out. I like the Neuton, but it’s not that good with the real thick stuff; it drains the battery. Plus, my minor allergy to grass and weed pollen reared up last night; normally that sort of stuff doesn’t bother me, but whenever I mow the lawn, about 6 hours later I get minor allergic symptoms. But it passed overnight. And Cheri’s mother is visiting in about 6 weeks, so we’ve been working on getting the guest room straightened out, and I really need to tackle the office.

Now to mention Facebook for a quick note. So far, 20 of my high school classmates have hooked up; that’s over 40% of the non-foreign student graduating class. It’s really great to catch up on everyone. Plus our favorite teacher from high school is online, and it turns out she lives only a couple of hours from here, in Chico. She’s having hip replacement surgery today, so I’m thinking good thoughts.

Speaking of no money…Sac State reminder popped up; gotta go pay the next installment.

If you want more timely updates on my boring life, here are the relevant Facebook and Twitter links.

I am really going to try to update this more frequently. Nudge me. *g*

Yes, I’m here.

If any of you have added me to Skype, please go ahead and add cat.herder.software. You can still use ray.mullins.mq, but I’ve created the other for generally non-work related purposes.

I’ve been so quiet the past couple of weeks because of school and work. I had two tests this week, in HR and biz legal. And, for me, I actually did rather well for what I thought; I got about 83% on both tests.

The biz legal test, though was a total cluster-fsck. We were supposed to take it on Wednesday between 5-7:30pm, and we had 90 minutes for the test. Since I also have French at that time, I planned to arrive late. I got to FLC at 4:45, went to the library, and was ready to go. 5:00 rolls around, and…nothing. No test. I wait until 6:05, and it never shows. (Lots of chatter on the boards, of course.) En fin, je suis allé à ma classe. Well, turns out that the CBT software screwed up and never posted the test. It was rescheduled for yesterday at 7:00pm, but at least 60 students couldn’t take it at that time, so I wonder how the professor going to handle that.

I’m not a manager. I don’t want to be a manager. And, frankly, I’ll be happy if I get a B average out of these classes that are the general business ed core. Don’t get me wrong, though. It is good background, though for how businesses run; in fact, I now understand somewhat more certain things I have observed in the past. Taking accounting has also done the same.

I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go. 🙂

Well, that’s a load taken off my mind

So today was orientation day at Sac State. It started off with a bit of a bad realization; that despite my two trips to the Sac State counselor at Sierra, I’m missing a GE art-type class. Bleh. But I may be able to nail a “world civilization” GE with one or two of my History of the Americas classes.

But the good news…the registration block is gone! I waited to see someone at admissions and records, showed them my unofficial AP test score report, and they pulled the block. (The official test score report was ordered last week, no doubt to be delivered in June 2009.) And I believe that I can take two upper-division courses in the spring. My registration is next week; ideally I’d like to take a class on Saturday and a class one night a week, then I could take French 412 at Folsom Lake in the spring.

Plus, I put my change-of-major request in (I’m enrolled as Business pre-MIS), and in January I’ll sign up for the Windoze/IE/Excel/Word/PPT challenge test, so I can get that off my mind. Then sometime next semester I’ll see about what to do to challenge up to four upper division courses, since I’ve worked in IT for 25 years.

Tomorrow, though, I need to apologize to one of my classmates. I think I offended her or did something that made her upset or uncomfortable – unintentionally. I think I know what I did, but since she got very quiet two weeks ago and I haven’t talked to her since, I’m still a tiny bit unsure. We’ll see..