Well, I know I’m more in touch with my feminine side that most males…

but this much? Probably not, although maybe it’s more my public posts that would lead pure logic and code to return this result.

According to the Gender Analyzer still in beta:

We have strong indicators that http://zarchasmpgmr.livejournal.com is written by a woman (100%).

BZZZZZT! Thanks for playing! Time to dig into Visual Studio and hit the debugger.

Maybe I should put away the ClarinsMen skin care products.

HT to the enfarcer, who was also so grossly misidentified.

3+3 meme

The meme…I’ve commented in cahwyguy‘s journal, and he picked out three of my user pics and three of my interests, and I’m supposed to write about them.

This is the symbol for the BS2000/OSD operating system by Fujitsu-Siemens. It’s unique in that it is one of the few non-IBM operating systems that runs on an IBM-compatible architecture (System/390 in this case). It’s an outgrowth of an RCA Spectra/70 operating system of the 1970s, and is more of an interactive than a batch operating system. The “OSD” moniker was added when POSIX support was added to the original operating system.

BS2000/OSD is not sold in the USA; in fact, F-S does not sell mainframes here. However, it is sold in Europe, and I have worked with it occasionally when I was working for Software AG. I would love to work with it again, and in fact I have a desire to see if it will IPL under the Hercules emulator. (The catch is that we need to get a full system offloaded at the physical volume level and restored under Hercules. Hey, cahwyguy, maybe you’ve got some European connections that can engage in this violation of license terms research project. Also, I’m looking for Fujitsu’s and Hitachi’s IBM OS clones.)

I created this icon by taking a picture of one of the covers of the 15-volume Technische Beschreibung (technical description, think logic manuals) that I happen to have. I probably have the only set in the United States.

I use this for the extremely rare times I talk about BS2000/OSD, and also for those times where the subject may be about going in many different directions (both figuratively and literally) at once.

This is my “kitty porn” icon. This is our late Persian, Truffles (we still miss him terribly). During the summers, he would lie like this on the hardwood floor underneath the running ceiling fan.

I use this usually for either “the kyoot” or sex-related topics.

This is Mélissa Theuriau, probably the sexiest newscaster evah. She is French (which, if you see it, you can tell because it says “3 octobre 2005” in the corner, which coincidentally happens to be a day when I watched her present the news on LCI, the cable news channel from TF1; the source for the pic is from a fan site.) And she’s no bimbo, either…elle est très intelligente.

In the intervening year between my trips to France, she left TF1 and is now working for M6 as one of their news anchors.

I use this both for current events and also for happy occasions, because that smile is just vachement genial.

And now on to the interests:

bus stops
This is here because of my work at the late website “The Bus Stops Here”. It was photos of different types of bus stops, and one of the sub-projects was the photographing of every Amtrak California bus stop, of which I contributed quite a few during the early years. Unfortunately, with the sudden passing of one of the primary partners, the domain has fallen into legal limbo and has been hijacked.

Jean-Michel Jarre
JMJ is a French musician, credited with being one of the early pioneers of electronica. My favorite piece of music ever is Equinoxe V, which I use as a ring tone for very special people. I don’t quite remember how I because a fan of his; I believe I did hear Oxygène IV and Equinoxe IV et V during their radio plays in 77-78, but I really connected when a friend of mine popped in the cassette when we were driving somewhere. My dream is to see one of his outdoor concerts. Some of his later stuff I have not been too enamored of, but his latest album, Téo & Téa goes back to his roots, and I’m happy to see that.

Com–plete ™
Com–plete (or COM–PLETE as it was known in my day) is Software Ag’s teleprocessing (TP) monitor product. When I took my first position as a systems programmer, I was put in charge of maintaining it. This was my first introduction to the wonderful world of Software AG. My life was centered around Com–plete for 9 years, first as a systems programmer, then working with it as a customer support representative. Even when I returned to Software AG as a developer, I still worked with it at times, as portions of the product I worked on (Entire System Server) had common code with it. Architecturally, I believe it is superior to IBM’s CICS, but sadly Software AG (IMHO) has never been a good marketer, and it is losing customers at a noticeable rate.

Now, if you want to be a part of this meme, make a comment saying so, and I’ll pick 3 userpics and 3 interests for you to explain.

Une meme

Just seen in jmaynard‘s (that’s Tron Guy) journal. I’ve done this before, but it’s been a while, so let’s send it around again.

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next seven sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don’t dig for your favourite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

From – and yes, this is for real – The Blue Pocket Book of French Verbs:

Passé antérieur
eus attrapé eûmes attrapé
eus attrapé eûtes attrapé
eut attrapé eurent attrapé
Futur simple
attraperai attraperons
attraperas attraperez
attrapera attraperont
Futur antérieur
aurai attrapé aurons attrapé
auras attrapé aurez attrapé
aura attrapé auront attrapé
attraperais attraperions
attraperais attraperiez
attraperait attraperaient
Passé conditionnel
aurais attrapé aurions attrapé
aurais attrapé auriez attrapé
aurait attrapé auraient attrapé
Présent du subjonctif
attrape attrapions
attrapes attrapiez
attrape attrapent
Passé du subjonctif
aie attrapé ayons attrapé
aies attrapé ayez attrapé
aie attrapé aient attrapé