Why I think Microsoft is run by unintelligent cretins, reason #3442

Why, oh why, in Vista, is it impossible (or at least I haven’t found it) to change or add an Edit context menu entry so I can right click and edit, say a .vbs file? Oh, through Control Panel, I can change the program to open it, but back in XP, I could go in, add an “Edit” context entry and associate an editor program that is not Notepad. Oh, yeah, and M$’s “support” knowledge base has absolutely nothing – yes, nothing – in its vast array of data.

I can understand that Vista is trying to protect unthinking people from themselves *cough* UAC *cough* but for those of us who know what the fsck we are doing, Vista is a royal PITA.

Oh, performance tip – turn off Aero. Sure, the effects are cool, but when the damn thing is burning up 20% of my 2G (yes, 400MB of memory) and I’m running at 85% without running anything (Norton crapware, TYVM), that’s not good.

When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

Jul 23, 2007   	 8:46 AM  	Delivered                       ROSEVILLE, CA  	
		 7:52 AM 	On FedEx vehicle for delivery	ROCKLIN, CA  	
		 7:50 AM 	At local FedEx facility         ROCKLIN, CA  	
Jul 22, 2007  	 4:23 PM 	Departed FedEx location   	MEMPHIS, TN  	
	  	 2:54 AM 	Departed FedEx location   	ANCHORAGE, AK  	
Jul 21, 2007  	 5:28 PM 	Int'l shipment release  	ANCHORAGE, AK  	
	  	 3:35 PM 	Arrived at FedEx location   	ANCHORAGE, AK  	
		 8:56 PM 	In transit   		SHANGHAI CN  	
		 8:48 PM 	Picked up  		SHANGHAI CN  		Package received after FedEx cutoff  	

Original delivery estimate was Wednesday, 25 July.

At least I can now take a few days to get it fired up, software installed, etc. I’ll need to let my boss know so we can coordinate installing Lotus Notes.

Modern technology – yuck!

So I get back from Paris yesterday, and today, for grins, I stuck ye olde dead laptop – remember, it would BSOD during boot – into the port extender to recharge.

Then for grins, I turned it on and stuck in the Windows XP CD, knowing that I’d have to talk with IT most of the day anyway. I didn’t get it inserted in time before the hard drive boot started. I went to Ctrl-Alt-Del but it was too late, here comes the Windows XP logo and busy graphic.

And no BSOD. It booted. Just fine. Well, except for the “Error – MDAT.DAT not found” message which an internet search tells me is related to a f’d up mouse driver. But it booted.

And, for whatever reason, Recovery Console denies the administrator password, even if I changed it directly via Users. So I get to drive down to Slummyvale on Thursday and try to dissect the box.

But the good news – I recovered my Outhouse PST file and my half-completed travel journal!

I can do some work via TN3270. I certainly won’t fire up Outhouse, though.


My work-issued laptop died Sunday – the hard drive appears to have gone somewhat kaput.

So I’m borrowing Cheri’s laptop at times – so updates (such as what happened to Truffles) will have to wait.

, quick question – is there a program I can use on a bootable CD that can do a check on the hard drive and possibly repair? The symptoms are a BSOD and an automatic reboot during the “Windows XP” screen with the activity indicator. Or, possibly, the ability to move some files to a jump drive? Sadly, the Dell diagnostics/utilities CD is safely at home, where it should be…

I hate remote support

Cheri is trying to install a wireless 4-port router in her apartment. Hard wired, it works great. But when she tries to go wireless (yes, this is after a reboot), she gets a message about “conflicting IP addresses”, then network access hangs. She’s tried to repair, but it hangs as well.

I can only provide so much, and now I’m at a loss.

Does anyone have an idea as to where the problem might be? I have an idea it’s in Local Area Connection properties, but I’d like to get some ideas before I ask her to try something.

UPDATE: I think I might have an idea. Is it possible that the cable modem supports only one MAC address? The D-Link DI-524 has an option to clone MAC addresses. Is this the way to go?