Oscar is home!

Oscar is home. No exertion for a week. Watch the dry food; soak it for the next 3 or 4 days. Lots of meds – topical analgesic, antibiotics, plus some ear stuff; luckily that all starts tomorrow. For tonight, just plenty of rest, and keep an eye on him.

And today the new bug du jour comes up…this one is critical, and blocks release…which is due on Friday. *sigh* Working tonight, and probably all day tomorrow and tomorrow night…

Oscar is taking after his daddy

He appears to have chronic tonsillitis. He’s on antibiotics and they are working very well. However, this is the third time in 18 months, and if it comes back, he’ll be following in his daddy’s footsteps: tonsillectomy. (Of course, mine were removed 41+ years ago.)

According to our vet, tonsillitis is “not uncommon”, meaning that although it sounds strange, he’s seen it enough times over the years that it’s not surprising.

So hopefully this will go away, but I suspect that sometime in the next year he’ll have to have them removed.

And today I can elaborate on the "good news/bad news" stuff I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.


Tomorrow’s NASCAR fell through. Confusion and mix-up about tickets, which were given to someone else.

Also, Oscar has a mild case of kennel cough. Apparently it’s bacterial, which the vaccines won’t do squat against. So no dog park for him until at least next Wednesday.

Celebrity sightings

It’s not often you get to sit down and chat with a rock star. But here in Sacramento, celebrities don’t have a big head, and one even brings his three dogs to Marco Dog Park, and joins us our group for conversation.

And he even plays fetch with Oscar. And gives him great big pats. And Oscar tries to return the favor and jump in his lap. Bad dog!

Another one of our regular group even named his dog after the band.

ION, 90°? In April? And triple digits and brush fires down south? WTF happened to spring?