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The City of Roseville, CA (where I live) is sponsoring a float this year in the Rose Parade, in honor of the city’s centenary. It has a train theme, which is entirely apropos because we, after all, a city whose existence was, for many years, based on the Southern Pacific. Heck, the city’s incorporation was three years after Southern Pacific decided to move the railroad yard from Rocklin (two miles up the road) to Roseville. And for many years this was the largest rail yard on the West Coast. (Not sure if Colton is now larger.)

And I got that bug fixed. I thought I was going to have to work on it all night, but I discovered that the error message was in itself being issued in error, because the noted situation will occur in a specific circumstance. Fix: a simple if statement.

A fun weekend, for once

This weekend, we actually did something, although it took instigation from someone else.

Our friend Kristin scored some free movie tickets, apparently by buying the right frozen foods at Safeway. So she e-mailed and said did we want to join her. Not being one to turn down a free movie, especially since there was one that I was actually interested in for once, we said sure. When we figured out that we’d go to the theater right nearby, I said that she should bring her dog Ginger over, and Oscar could have a play date. We also said we’d buy dinner.

Kristin and Ginger come over, and the romp begins. (Ahem. The dogs, you sicko.) Oscar and Ginger just start running around the house (except the bedroom, where we’ve locked up the cats) and are wrestling and playing. We finally get them out back and off to Bravo! Pastaria. If you find yourself in the Roseville area, and have a hankering for some good Italian food with a twist, check them out, and say hi to Mark, the owner. The food is great, the service is great, the prices are reasonable. And they have a good wine selection.

We come back home for a few minutes, and let the dogs in. Wrestling continues. We get them back out, and then off to the movie – 21. Not a bad movie. It’s based on the true story of M.I.T. students who (aw, crap, no wonder my alarm didn’t go off this morning…it just went off. *runs down hall* Sorry, Cheri!) used their phenomenal memories to count cards and won millions at blackjack. There’s a lot of artistic license, including security goons, but it was good entertainment, for the price of a large soda and a box of Red Vines (shared with Cheri).

We came back, and the two dogs were patiently waiting at the back slider. Awww. They exhausted themselves. We open the door, and…round three! Sure, they’re exhausted. Sure they’re tired. After about 15 minutes of having to have pleasant conversation, we just give up for the evening (it was getting late for 3 middle-aged folks, anyway), and we said good night to Kristin and Ginger. Oscar? Well, he was exhausted, after all. He jumped on the bed, and did not move all night. Really. He was in the exact same position in the morning when we woke up.

That’s the fun. Sunday, we did accounting homework (online), interrupted by internet problems, while watching the NASCAR. Then we took Oscar to the dog park. And it was Opening Night. I must say, the Nats’ new ballpark is very nice, but let’s be honest—the Mt. Rushmore presidents racing around the park are a bit scary. (Damn Braves bullpen.)

I’m going to bounce the router once I post this—if I can post successfully. Thank $DEITY for Semagic and the ability to save a draft.

How stupid can you be…

There was a small plane crash in Roseville yesterday. It was in NW Roseville, well on the other side of town from us. Two people on the plane were killed, the house was empty at the time; it was destroyed. One of the people on the plane – not the pilot – and his family gets my sympathy and prayers. The other, not so much. Sounds crass and cruel, ne pas? Well…<Paul Harvey>the rest…of the story</Paul Harvey>.

The plane was a homebuilt, classified by the FAA as an experimental (which, in FAA lingo, means that it is not assembly-line built and has nothing to do with the airworthiness certification). Witnesses said that the plane was performing aerobatics over the residential neighborhood, when it stalled and corkscrewed into the ground. At first there was some doubt if it was really aerobatics, but it then was learned that some of the family of the pilot lives nearby, and they were videotaping the aerobatics – and taped the crash.

First off – how stupid can you be as a pilot to be doing aerobatics above a residential neighborhood? One thing you are hammered with in both ground school and in flight school is you must protect the people on the ground. If you are going down (and still have some control), you look for a vacant field or other place where a crash would affect the least. Not to mention performing aerobatics over populated areas breaks many FAA regulations.

Second – so you want to show off your acrobatics. There are tons of vacant fields still in the Roseville area over which you could perform aerobatics and if something went horribly wrong, you would have room to manoeuver.

Third – that videotape? Just became Exhibit 1 for the plantiffs in the upcoming lawsuits. And I’m sure that it’s also Exhibit 1 for the insurance companies to deny paying benefits.

I think that this is just another example of the lack of common sense that is pervasive nowadays.

edited to add FAA regulation breakage