Back to school…

Ce soir je retournerai à l’enseignement de la langue française, mais maintenant à Folsom Lake College .

Je m’inquiète un petit peu, parce qu’elle est une école nouvelle pour moi. Je ne connaîtrai personne, probablement. Et je n’ai pas beaucoup de chance à utiliser la langue il y a l’année passée. Je ne sais pas où la classe commencer, comme ma dernière classe a fini. J’ai apprendre les objets directs et indirects, et en les classes à l’Alliance j’en ai apprendre plus. Mais à l’Alliance il était un sens qu’on sait certains des tenses, comme le futur et le conditionnel. J’ai enseigné ces tenses moi-même , mais je n’aurais appris pas correctement et probablement.

Je desire de bonne chance. J’en aurai besoin.

Roughly translated…I go back to French instruction tonight, but at Folsom Lake College. I’m a bit apprehensive because this is a new school for me. I won’t know anyone there, probably. And I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to use French in the past year. I don’t know where this class will start, as compared to where my last class ended. I had learned direct and indirect objects, and at the classes at the Alliance Française I learned more about those. But at the Alliance there was a sense that one knew certain tenses, like the future and the conditional. I have taught myself those tenses, but I probably did not learn them correctly.

I want good luck. I will need it.

A fun weekend, for once

This weekend, we actually did something, although it took instigation from someone else.

Our friend Kristin scored some free movie tickets, apparently by buying the right frozen foods at Safeway. So she e-mailed and said did we want to join her. Not being one to turn down a free movie, especially since there was one that I was actually interested in for once, we said sure. When we figured out that we’d go to the theater right nearby, I said that she should bring her dog Ginger over, and Oscar could have a play date. We also said we’d buy dinner.

Kristin and Ginger come over, and the romp begins. (Ahem. The dogs, you sicko.) Oscar and Ginger just start running around the house (except the bedroom, where we’ve locked up the cats) and are wrestling and playing. We finally get them out back and off to Bravo! Pastaria. If you find yourself in the Roseville area, and have a hankering for some good Italian food with a twist, check them out, and say hi to Mark, the owner. The food is great, the service is great, the prices are reasonable. And they have a good wine selection.

We come back home for a few minutes, and let the dogs in. Wrestling continues. We get them back out, and then off to the movie – 21. Not a bad movie. It’s based on the true story of M.I.T. students who (aw, crap, no wonder my alarm didn’t go off this morning…it just went off. *runs down hall* Sorry, Cheri!) used their phenomenal memories to count cards and won millions at blackjack. There’s a lot of artistic license, including security goons, but it was good entertainment, for the price of a large soda and a box of Red Vines (shared with Cheri).

We came back, and the two dogs were patiently waiting at the back slider. Awww. They exhausted themselves. We open the door, and…round three! Sure, they’re exhausted. Sure they’re tired. After about 15 minutes of having to have pleasant conversation, we just give up for the evening (it was getting late for 3 middle-aged folks, anyway), and we said good night to Kristin and Ginger. Oscar? Well, he was exhausted, after all. He jumped on the bed, and did not move all night. Really. He was in the exact same position in the morning when we woke up.

That’s the fun. Sunday, we did accounting homework (online), interrupted by internet problems, while watching the NASCAR. Then we took Oscar to the dog park. And it was Opening Night. I must say, the Nats’ new ballpark is very nice, but let’s be honest—the Mt. Rushmore presidents racing around the park are a bit scary. (Damn Braves bullpen.)

I’m going to bounce the router once I post this—if I can post successfully. Thank $DEITY for Semagic and the ability to save a draft.

Now that the semester is over, I’m getting something that I should have gotten 25.5 years ago

An Associate in Arts.

Yes, with the three courses this semester (recorded A in Business 1 [Accounting I], definite A in History 17B [post-Civil War US History], and hopefully an A in Communications 3 [Group Communications]), plus the AP English credit I cashed in (from 1979), for which I get English 1A and 1B credit…I am getting an A.A. in Liberal Arts. (The reason why it took so long to get the AP English credit is because L.A. Valley College, where I did most of my earlier work from 1979 through 1987, wanted me to take English 1, then I’d get English 2 credit + 3 Humanities units. Bâtards. Why do you give me credit for a post-req? I know why – it’s so the English teachers can stay employed.)

But Cheri is even better. She’s getting 2 A.A.s – one in liberal arts, the other in humanities. Apparently Sierra College will hand them out like candy, and when I take economics in the spring, I can get an A.S. in Computer Science. Cheri can get even more associates degrees, too.

But, also, we’re both transferring to Sac State in spring 2009. Then it’s on to the bachelors – for me, international business with a French minor, and for Cheri…probably accounting.

In fall 2008, I’ll be taking French 3 at Folsom Lake College (the only local one that teaches French 3 and 4 at night), and probably statistics.


It’s been that kind of day. 6 new problems/enhancements dumped on me, along with trying to test other fixes, a 90 minute meeting with one of our largest customers, and…scream…the testing of the IP phone, which keeps ringing and I answer it.

And class tonight. After starting the online history course yesterday, and finally finding out that there are 2 other books (neither of which was listed on-line last Friday), and we need to buy those books tonight for stuff due tomorrow.

And I have a headache.

Deep breaths…