I’m doing fine…

although it’s still a bit of a shock.

(Before I forget:

€1 ≈ $1.17
£1 ≈ $1.63
Saturday’s weigh-in: 193.5 (Yay! And after Vegas! Stress does wonders for weight loss! 😀 )

So here begins the home stretch of my current work.

I promise I’ll make entries about the Las Vegas trip later today.

Oh yeah, Arsenal 1-0 Southampton in the FA Cup! 2 years running! (And I still think we should have won the EPL.)

I’m still here…

but busy, obviously.

Thanks for all your kind words. I at least will still be collecting a paycheck until the end of July or when I get a new job. Monday I’ll know to whom and what knowledge to transfer.

I spoke with my boss this morning. He was the one who negotiated that I stick around until 7/31, otherwise I would have been gone yesterday. I really appreciate that.

Back to the job web sites. 🙂 I’ll say that things have changed since 1995, the last time I had to do this (with no job), thanks to the Internet.

Back at work, 90% spam…unbelievable

I don’t need my P E N I S enlarged or my bustline increased. Thanks, anyway – not!

€1 ≈ $1.15
£1 ≈ $1.62
Saturday: 195 lbs. I don’t want to think about this Saturday.

Things didn’t blow up too badly while I was gone. That’s good. The one nasty error turned out to be a user error.

I’ve still got a lot of stuff to catch up on, and Truffles thinks that it’s feeding time (another 45 minutes, sweetie). But I’ll write up a trip report later on. We did get an early start; since everything was done in the morning, we had Monique fille come over around noonish to get the keys, waited for the mail to show up, and left for Primm (where rooms were available at $50). (BTW, jumbach, from this page, State Line (note the 2 words, Stateline is in Tahoe) was renamed after the founder of the community, Ernest Primm, in 1996.)