Ah, yes, memories of high school

So, we’re into season 2 of Wonder Woman. This is after they’d “updated” it to the present. (A definite jump-the-shark moment if there ever was one.)

And in episode 5, is my high-school classmate. Well, she was 2 years ahead of me, and she’d graduated at the time she shot this episode.

But, I’ll be honest…I thought she was cute, but being a sophomore, I knew that there was no frickin’ way.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

(a.k.a. St. Stephen’s Day)

My e-mail’s back…Yay. I also recovered all my e-mail from the Saturday before it went dead, through a judicious combination of importing into T-Bird’s local folders before I switched Outhouse 2K7 back to online, then adding my e-mail as an IMAP source to T-Bird, then copying. But now there’s all those mailing lists that I need to resync…

Xmas good. Cheri’s younger niece got a Macbook Pro for her birthday. That is one nice machine. I still want a Mac Mini – even used, as long as Leopard or Tiger will run on it.

Anyone have experiences with Google Apps? Good? Bad? Indifferent? I’m thinking of moving my catherdersoftware.com and catherdersoftware.us domains over there.

BTW, tattermuffin, I saw Pinkie in the flesh today.

A Christmas Message – Why Microsoft Is Run By Cretins, reason #924

Running IE 7 x64. “Hey, we want you to install Silverlight as part of a beta.” Sure. Why not. Since I’m Vista InUltimate x64, and obviously no one outside of Microsoft uses this, and I really doubt about its distribution within Microsoft…the more testing, the merrier.

Download, no problems. Run, no problems. It says to restart browser. I do. But first…I cut/paste the URL of the last page I was at, just to be sure I can get back to it. Close IE 7 x64. Start IE 7 x64. Paste in page URL. No change. It doesn’t recognize that Silverlight has been installed.

Open IE 7 x86. Paste in page URL. Of course, it recognizes it.

There is a reason why *n*x and Solaris rule the x64 world. Not even Microsoft writes applications to run on x64.

To those of you on my FL who celebrate the birth of Christ today, I wish you and yours a very, Merry Christmas.