Have I mentioned recently that I hate Windows Vista?

Now I can’t take a system restore checkpoint. I have no idea why, other than the aborted automagic update of last week screwed up something.

And Kristin has just IMed me saying that her application doesn’t work in IE 7…it’s losing track of a cookie and it requests authentication again when it shouldn’t.

I hate Microsoft.

For future reference – Windows Startup folders

So, I sorta shot myself in the foot, but I’m not sure how, because there may have been another piece of software involved.

In the Start Menu->Programs, some folders are known as Shell Folders. Included with these are Administrative Tools and Startup. These have registry entries, so if you do silly things like rename them, the registry is updated to point to the new name. However, if you delete them, Windows updates the registry entries to point to the All Users version.

If you accidentally delete the folder, you need to recreate it, then go into regedit and update the entries. Navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders. On the right are registry entries, most of which have %USERPROFILE% as the leading entry. You’ll need to recreate any that have %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. In Vista, note that the path for %USERPROFILE% and %ALLUSERSPROFILE% are very different, while in XP they have the same roots. You don’t need to change anything in the Shell Folders tree, but you can look there to see what they’re like.

And I’ve never lived there!

In fact, I’ve probably only spent 60 days total there.

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I have a headache.

One of those occipital lobe ones. Ow.

Good news from down south; the Grass fire is mostly contained, and the danger appears to be passing. No idea when my mother-in-law can return home, though.

Luckily, all of our main data was on RAID devices, which wasn’t affected by yesterday’s disk crash. But my laptop is doing weird stuff. I can’t take a System Restore checkpoint because I get an error saying there is a device I/O error. (Well, that’s what’s actually in the event log; the code it reports implies that the Volume Shadow Service isn’t running; I started that but no change.) Yet yesterday I ran CHKDSK. So I’m going to do one more CHKDSK. I don’t like having any restore points.

And all this started because Winblows Microsoft Update messed up and thinks I need to install updates that are already installed.

Vista SUCKS mightily.