OK, maybe the NWS was 24 hours off.

Today’s forecast, sunny. Yet there are more clouds outside today than with yesterday’s “mostly cloudy” forecast. There were storms yesterday as far north as Fresno, but that was it. Damn Fresnans. (And I can say that because, well, I spent enough summers there growing up. There, and Coalinga, in the pre-prison days.)

For lomaprieta‘s benefit, temperatures from the Ashley Furniture store right up the street…

  • 6:30am, when I took a walk – 77°
  • 7:30am – 76°
  • 8:30am – 77°

Oh, and 35% humidity, my ass.

And the radar shows storms a-buildin’.

Today’s high – 107°. I don’t think so, with the clouds.

And this is not breaking news

As long as I’m in a mood…

Reports that Richard Jewell, the poor security guard hounded into the spotlight by NBC News and other “news” “media” “organizations” over the Centennial Park bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games, has left this mortal coil. (Is that the metaphor?)

But unless he left by bursting into the NBC News HQ and going postal, this is not “breaking news”. Nor does it need to be fixed.

In other news (har har), a book I listed on Amazon Marketplace sold in under 2 hours. Yay!